Friday, December 31, 2010

Get your questions answered here!


Hi Y’all! 

Since we have started a new year, I want to end the old year with…guess what!  answers to y’alls questions.  Some were in comments, some came privately to browndogcbr(remove)  I also received a couple signed by Anonymous… Anyone know who Anonymous is? Well, I can’t link to them then!  too bad. 

First, let me tell you why my favorite posts included some from 2009.  Last year I never gave you 2009 favorites, and to be honest, I preferred some of those to posts in 2010.  I promise in 2011 I’ll give y’all only the years best.

Second, I’ll address individual questions. 

About my friend Murphy holding things in his mouth on command…he’s at a good age to learn.  Just be patient, like teaching any command.  Ask him to “take” and put something in his mouth, like his chuck it ball.  Then quickly, take it out using “give” or Momma uses “hand it” and TREAT.  After awhile, let him hold it longer before treating.  Soon he’ll sit there while you fiddle with the camera and take a picture for all of us to see! 

Remington made a comment about the mountain weather sounding like everyday Minnesota.  But they have no mountains.  We are in the Southeast in the Southeastern mountains for part of the year.  A few of the roads that are regularly traveled by tourists do have guard rails, but most do not.  It’s funny really, but the Thundering Herd travels many of the same haunts we do.

Remington also asked, if God made me brown so I’d blend in with the scenery and not scare the birds, was he black so no one could see him at night?  I asked my Humans and they said yes.  They used to have a black Flatcoat retriever and he would lay down beside the porch at night so Momma couldn’t find him.  ROO, ROO!!! even I can’t hide that well!

The Blab Labs asked a question about the entry on how I came to live with my present family.  They asked if I overheard any Human conversation concerning why I was sent to live with my present Human family.  All I really know is that my present Humans wanted me and my original family sent me to be with them.  I know they need me.  I take care of them and it’s loads of fun. 

I know I answered Kari in WeHo’s question about how often we hike in comments, but many may not have seen it and have the same question.  If the weather permits, we go daily.  There aren’t many places to go where I can be off leash and run and sniff to my hearts content, but my Humans have found a couple of them and we go there most often.  In the winter, since I’m not a husky, I prefer to be in the Low Country where I can do lots of running and playing.  In the mountains it is often too icy or snowy too do more than hurry outside for necessity.  BORING! 

I still want more puppies said they had a wonderful Thanksgiving and asked me about mine.  The entire family had a nice Thanksgiving.  My Human went to celebrate with the rest of the family, but not before we got a nice hike! 

DawgBusiness  offered a comment about my handwriting.  I am pawed y’all know, with no opposable thumb.  It makes it difficult to write clearly, so I’m trying to print.  My paws are too big to type well.  I know my friend Mogley manages to type.  I wonder if he uses that “voice” activated typing.  I understand you train it to understand your voice and it types what you say. 

I hope Bella and Ollie saw my Thursday post on Jessie, cause they were praying he’d find a forever home. 

Opie and his Mom asked “what’s a bear? Is it like a squirrel?”  Anna the G S D says she’s heard they are like “giant, giant, giant, giant, giant mean kitties.”  My friends K, R and KB have big bears where they live. KB has wildlife cameras set up that have captured some pictures.  This is a great video on her siteAt the bottom of this next post Is another video showing a bobcat and a bear, at two different times.  We have bobcats in the mountains too.  Opie and Anna, I hope you stay away if you see big black hairy fellows who can stand on their hind legs and walk ‘cause, as these videos show, they aren’t like big squirrels or even giant, giant, giant, giant unfriendly kitties…maybe you could call a bobcat the latter. 

According to Gus loves his Iowa Hawkeyes and thought maybe I was an Iowa dog.  I’m sorry Gus, but Hawkeye is part of my registered name and I’m named for Hawkeye in the TV series MASH. 

Sage from SageChronicles  asks if I like to sniff flowers.  Yes, I do.  I love all the pretty flowers.  One of the plants was a hot pepper plant.  It had an especially spicy scent.

The last two questions came from my email and that person called Anonymous.  I was asked if my yard are fenced.  The answer is yes and no.  The farm here has cattle fencing between the fields.  In some places trees have fallen on the fences and I can cross, but the Humans won’t allow it.  In fields in active use, the fences are maintained.  Here in the mountains the men refused to put a fence.  We sit on a rock ledge. In this picture, to my left there is a straight drop and to my right the mountain continues upward. Here I have a fenced yard, but it isn’t much larger than a large kennel run.  It I more to stop the rocks that break loose in the winter from striking the house.  Y’all know how, when you drive through the mountains, y’all see warnings about “falling rock”?  Well, this fence keeps me from bein’ crushed by a bolder.  Here at the shore the trees and that little wooden edging symbolizes my boundary.  The waterfront has no fence.  On the other side of the yard there is a wood rail fence behind the shrubbery and originally there was a wire dog fence.  However, it disappeared while we were traveling and we suspect the neighbor on the other side was responsible.  They have a big yellow Lab and he has a loud voice  and likes to lay under the pear trees.  Momma says since I refuse to go outside unless one of the Humans, preferably Momma is with me, she likes havin’ Max on guard outside.  He goes right back to his side if Momma tells him to “go home”.  The place here in the low country I love to run free and get to meet other pawed critters is here

  There are no fences and there are alligators, snakes and fire ants.  Even when the nose is busy, I must always keep one ear perked for commands from the Humans.  This time of year , on a warm day like today with 70 degree Fahrenheit temperatures (21 Celsius) , there is a little danger of a snake, but alligators like water temps around 50F (10C) and snakes like ground temps above 50F (10C).  Also, the fire ants are deep in their hills. 

Hope I answered everybody’s questions.  Go get y’all’s Humans and frolic!   

Join in the Blog Hop!  Have a HAPPY NEW YEAR!






Happy New Year!


Thursday, December 30, 2010

Due to a computer crash!


Hi Y’all!

Well, it wasn’t exactly a crash, but the end result was the same, so this morning’s post began and ended with my favorite of all time posts…the sad eyes of Jessie. 

What happened?  The blog computer wireless card died a sudden death and of course the techie people made Momma destroy her data and put the computer back the way it was before the card died.  They wouldn’t believe her that it was the card!!  No!!… Even when they sent someone to replace it, they replaced all of the wires and antenna first!  Finally, when it still wouldn’t connect, they replaced the wireless card!!!! Momma’s too sweet.  She didn’t say a word; she was just happy all was well.  Most of the data is backed up, so she’s slowly getting it back!  Big Sigh! 

Okay, so I owe y’all more favorites. 

One of the first posts I made to BlogSpot, but not my first blog post is probably my second favorite.  It was titled Read all about it!” and was posted back on September 14, 2009. 

Monday June 8, 2009 I put together some of my favorite things!  I still like to look at those old pictures!

May 1st, 2009 I posted a picture of me ridin’ in the back of the pick up!  That is my favorite place to ride!  You get all the great smells!  Don’t worry, I was safely in my crate and the crate was so securely fastened that I was wonderin’ where Momma thought I was goin’ to go!

Next, I have 2 favorites tied! August 31st of this year I did a catch up on the activities in August and back in March I did a catch up post goin’ all the way back to Christmas 2009! 

My next favorite is Dexter!  He is a most amazing old man!  He is still in a foster home, but he’s letting no grass grow under his feet! 

Great news for the NEW YEAR Painter, who I featured in the old and the young, HAS BEEN ADOPTED  As has this “old guy” Sam…remember the eyes? 

My last two selections are hard to pick!  How’d y’all do it?

I love the post and it’s timely for the New Year, just remembering all the things I have to be thankful for and how very lucky I am.

Finally, it was a really difficult decision to choose only one other favorite, but in keeping with the rules, I chose the one from Monday November 29 where we just crossed the gap and looked back to the boiling clouds, but the sun was shining where we were when Momma took the picture. 

Hope everybody has a wonderful, safe New Years Eve!  and don’t forget! if y’all live in an area where New Years is celebrated with fireworks, keep y’alls pets safe, in the house, crated and if they must go outside, leashed! 

Even though my Humans know I’m not gun shy, they keep me inside and on a leash when I must go outside.  You just never know what those flashing lights and things might set off if they go astray! To use an old cliché “better safe than sorry”. 

Thoughtful Thursday



Hi Y’all,

Do y’all remember Jessie?  Click on his name for previous post, or his pictures for the post to the CBR Rescue page.  Remember the sad eyes?  Not the only dog who has lost his home and whose eyes will break your heart. 

Eyes…windows to the Soul.

He  was in rescue and adopted in 2005, but his forever Dad died and he ended up back in Rescue for the Holiday Season. 

 Happy New Year to Jessie!  and all his rescuers!  HIS ADOPTION IS PENDING!!!!! 


Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Once upon a Christmas Morn!

What I've been "up to" lately.

Hi Y'all!

I hope y'all had a very Merry Christmas!!! and are looking forward to a very Happy New Year!!!

I had a very strange holiday season. My Humans wanted to redo the bathrooms in the mountain house, so the week before Christmas workmen swarmed over the house making dust and mess. They did a good job of cleaning up after themselves, though. Momma wanted me to stay out of the way, but those fellows were six new sets of hands to pat me!!! She kept telling me to "go lay down". What a kill joy!!!

Papa fussed because Momma didn't decorate. She said we were spending Christmas at the shore and there was enough confusion without tearing things up more to get the decorations and put them up.

The work was finished Saturday and we left for the shore on Sunday. I was so happy to be here because of all the romping and playing I can do.

Just before we left Momma fell on her backside on the ice while taking a short walk in the yard with me. It was hard for me to get around too.

We had a relaxing week with the family here. Christmas morning we spent all morning making calls to the family we had left behind in the mountains. They were getting a white Christmas,
which ended up being at least 20 inches at our house there. This is the first time in my lifetime that we've missed Christmas in the mountains.

Then, after we got here to the shore Momma's computer went on the blink and stopped talking to the she decided to use mine, her old one. A man is supposed to come tomorrow and fix Momma's computer...

More later. Stay tuned!

Hawk aka BrownDog

Tuesday, December 21, 2010



I’ve been on the move lately without much chance to update my blog.  Guess I'll be a little scarce between now and next week. 

In the meantime y'all stay happy and well. Take good care of y'alls Humans.  I know y'all  will have a very Merry, Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all!
Hawk aka BrownDog


P.S.  Below I share Christmas’ past.  Those are my very own Christmas cards from my very own Human cousin in Colorado!  Thanks again Auntie T!

Me with my very own Christmas card!     

Here's a yummy fell out.


Hawkeye with his Christmas card from our nieces Chessie in Colorado.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Oh what a beautiful morning!

We had an ice storm on top of our snow Wednesday.   The higher mountain gaps were closed to traffic.   We had to cross the mountains Thursday and yesterday.   Strangely it was much warmer up here than in the valleys.  There were hairy moments and I got to go in case the Humans couldn’t make it back home in the evening.  Weather makes for some beautiful mornings! 

enjoying the sunrise    dawn's early light


clouds like a roll of cotton

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Shine your light on me!

Hi Y’all!  

Wednesday the sun actually smiled its blinding light on me.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

   It’s time to think about all our special friends who aren’t as lucky as we are…like Sandy in the above picture. Sandy’s family had to give him up because of housing concerns.  So here we all are, getting our presents and sharing in the family excitement of this special time of the year.  Sandy is lucky to be with a foster family, not in doggie jail.  But it isn’t the same as having your own special family and know you will be together the rest of your life. 

Sandy is a six year old dead grass female Chessie currently being fostered in Martinez, Georgia.  Small for a Chessie, she weighs only about fifty pounds.  She is neutered and up to date on her shots.  She is heart worm negative. 

Don’t worry she is housetrained and likes children and other dogs.   Sandy likes water and chasing balls and sticks.  She also likes to cuddle and sleep on the bed. 

Sandy is a good watch dog.  She alerts you by barking and growling until she knows who has arrived…then it’s all loving.  Sandy is also selective who she kisses.

If you are interested in meeting Sandy or learning more about her, click on her picture or her name and you will be transported to her page on the CBR Rescue site


Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi Y’all!

One of my Blog friends is named Murphy!   Y’all might remember meetin’ him last week.     This week he told his friends about all of his favorite places!  He made me stop and think about some of mine.  They aren’t as excitin’ as his. 

First, I’d have to say here at the mountain house is my “most favorite” for several reasons.

Clearing   Of course when it’s cold like now…

If that crazy woman doesn't make me go outside again, I'll just stay here and doze all day. 

My next favorite is the farm ‘cause of all the neat scents I can run and explore. 

Checking things out   Then there is the shore…it gets cold there too, but not like here in the mountains…we get to do lots there when here we’re snowed in.      I get to ride in the golf cart.  I also get to enjoy swimming.   .  The waterfront on a foggy morning walk.  Water, water everywhere and a Chessie in his glory!

Hawk on the end of the pier checking a scent.Finally there is my favorite place to explore and hike…Running for joy. 

Stopping to watch some birds.    Here we can hike for

Hawk exploring in late March.miles…However, because of snakes and gators I have to respond to the whistle instantly. Full speed ahead! 

So Murphy, those are a few of my most favorite things and places.  

This is your mountain weather dog with the latest blizzard update

The high yesterday was 14 degrees Fahrenheit.  The conditions were not fit for man, woman or beast.  Power outages were caused by the 60 plus mph winds.  We lost power as temperatures plummeted to 11 degrees last evening and wind chills…well the feels like was too cold for even this beast.  Dec 13 am blizzard conditions      Accurate snow measurements are impossible.  As you can see much of it has blown into drifts and the rest has blown off our ledge onto the road below.  You can’t tell if the snow is coming down or coming across or blowing from higher elevations . 

I hear from our friends The Thundering Herd that they are having a blast! 

Meanwhile, my friend Riley, got cheated!  And out in the Rockies where you would expect them to be buried…K and R are enjoying the scenery still waiting for the big one. 

Now for travel warnings. ThinkingThe roads here are covered with ice and snow.  The snowplows do what they can, but the temperatures are too low for snow melts to melt.  Don’t venture out unless you have four wheel drive. 

Time for a nap…the cold weather is exhausting!  Resting after battlin' the snow and wind