Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Times - Q & A - Weather - Editorials


Hi Y’all,

Time to address your questions from this past week.

First, I need to address Snoopy’s question from Monday Special back on June 18th.  He asks me what the red think is around my nose.  Snoopy, it’s my halter…you know, like a horse. 

My Human thinks it gives her more control, like with a horse, especially in heavily traveled areas.  It goes on like a halter, over my nose and behind my ears.  The lead is on a tab at underneath my chin, instead of on my collar around my neck. 

Haopee wants to know if my Human lists all the questions.  No, she has me to help her remember…oh, alright, blogger too. 

Haopee also asks if I’m being called in this next picture or if I’m just ignoring my Wubba octopus.  Actually, I was just “catchin’” a scent.  When you are doing a “stand stay” sniffin’ the air is about all a pawed one can do.

Goose asked, about Tour Time, if there would be an afternoon tour.  Sorry, Goose, no afternoon tour today.  I’ll take it “under advisement” for the future.

Dawn, at American Dog Blog if I’d come help Maya and Pierson chase rabbits from their yard.  Sorry Dawn, my Human actually won’t allow me to chase.  Anything.  Ever.

Sankissjuice wanted to know if I know K!  I thought every pawed one knew K!  If my readers have missed K, now is the time to go meet her and her family at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies

Haopee wants to know “what work?”   Why I’m helpin’ with the hayin’!  That’s hard and HOT work! 

Molly wants to know what I’m doing in the last picture of “Workin’ Hard or Hardly Workin’”, yoga?  Does kinda look like yoga, but it isn’t.

Sometimes a guy just has to quench his throat. 

Kari in Vegas wanted to know if this was just a random cow layin’ in the woods.

There was a whole bunch of cows, including calves, that were behind trees to the left.  Below are a few of them.

I’m so sorry, Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe that I look scary in the second photo.  I’m not turning into a bear, I’m workin’ HARD on a HOT day!  Well, it really isn’t all that hot here in the mountains compared to other places.  Here’s a little different picture of me workin’…maybe it won’t seem so scary.

Hope I answered everybody's questions.  Let me know if I didn’t answer yours.

Y’all come back now!




Thursday, June 28, 2012



Hello, I’m Buddy Roe.  I’m better known as Buddy

I was found as a stray.  I’m a neutered Chessie mix.  I am at the Talbot Humane Society in Maryland.  I was jailed here June 11th.  I’m a really sophisticated guy. 

I’ve never learned to walk properly on a lead, so I need someone who will teach me manners and proper walking on a lead. 

I’m a really sweet guy.  If you will help me to learn, I’ll be now only a sweet member of your house, but a well behaved member.  I’ll give you lots of love too.

I’m looking for a loving family to have a fun time and share my live with me.

Visit my Petfinder page:

Talbot Humane, Easton, MD

Pet ID: A014419

Telephone:   410-822-0107






Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Times Award Day


Hi Y’all,

I’m so excited!  Molly the Wally has bestoclip_image001wed the Sunshine Award on me! 

Some questions come with this Award.  Then I get to pass it on to some of my Blogville friends!

What is my favorite non-alcoholic drink? I only have one drink and that’s water.  My Humans like to add lemon to her water. 

Which do I prefer, Facebook or Twitter?  Either one ‘cause I use both.  If you follow me on Twitter I’ll notify you every time I post to my blog.  I’m still having trouble remembering to update my Facebook page…but Sunday I posted a new photo album!

What is my passion?  It’s still retrieving!  You thought I’d say writing my blog, didn’t you? 


What is my favorite pattern?  After more thought, I realized my memory foam mattress has a pattern…and it is a favorite spot of mine!

What is my favorite day of the week?  Everyday that I get to enjoy all the beauty and explore the wonders of my surroundings.

What is my favorite flower?  Whatever is blooming at the moment!  Right now lots of daylilies are blooming!


Now, time for that drum roll! I get to share this Award from Molly the Wally with others from Blogville!

You Did What With Your Weiner is a fun blog about two “Weiner dogs” hiking, biking, and camping with their two humans. 

Blueberry or Spotty Spotty Polkadotty is a great blog about a beautiful rescue dog and her human.  Go back and read the post “looking back”

Alfies Blog  Alfie lives in England.  His weather is very different from our summer weather.  Be sure to stop and visit the tips on taking better photos of your own Fido…check under the photography paw.

Joey and Scout of Two Greyhound Town have been living with their humans and traveling in an RV for 60 days.  Share their adventures and the people and other dogs they meet. They even have reviews of what the humans are eating and sharing, or not, with them.

Betty from Betty the Bichon…what a cutie!  This is a cute blog about a human student and her Bichon, Betty as they explore life and share adventures together or just spend time enjoying being with each other. 



Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot Day in the Morning


Hi Y’all!

Is it HOT where you are?  It’s HOT here, but not as hot as it is at the shore.  That’s why we are all here in the mountains. 

Hey buddy!  What you doin’?

Hey cow!  You look cool!  I’m tryin’ to find some shade.

Y’all come back now!



Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Friday’s Q & A Time!


Hi Y’all!

Time to go back and answer your questions.

The first question I’ll address is from Haopee from My Dogs Love Me.  She asks “aren’t rhododendrons bad for dogs?”  Yes, Haopee, according to the ASPCA poison control center all parts of the rhododendron are toxic.  They contain a neurotoxin, grayantoxin.  They work to poison the nerve cells in the body. 

But don’t y’all worry, I don’t eat plants and because of my allergies the Humans watch me like a hawk, no pun intended.

Elka’s human, Jen asked what the flowers are.  They are Catawba Rhododendron which are native to the eastern mountains from Virginia to Georgia.

Dawn, from Pet Auto Safety wants to know where this is. 

This is located in the clouds on the Appalachian trail in the southern Blue Ridge mountains. 

Thunder, Storm and Freighter asked if the flowers smell as good as they look.  Yep!  Flowers are fun to smell too.

Haopee at My Dogs Love Me asks if this is what spring brings?  Yep, it means lots of pretty flowers!

Thunder, Storm and Freighter asked if that is an ant on the flower?  Yep, it does appear to be a tiny ant. 

Dawn at American Dog Blog asked if I checked out the woodpile?  Actually I didn’t.  Guess I should have.  Sounds like I may have missed something exciting.

Scrappy asks, isn’t summer fun?  You bet Scrappy!  Lots to do and Humans willing to do it with me!

Back on June 9 the post titled Sunny Saturday, Goose asked me why I wasn’t allowed past this spot.  I don’t recall answering Goose’ question, so I will today.

If you look beyond the house in this next picture, you’ll see a road.  Since I’m on a mountain and putting a fence in requires drilling into the rock, I only have a small fenced area.  The main part of the yard is not fenced.  I have boundaries and the Human enforces the boundaries.  The above corner is one boundary. 

Let me know if I missed answering your question. 

Y’all come back now!