Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Tuesday Times! Awards! Thank You Brando and Bogart!


Hi Y’all!

Brando and Bogart were kind enough to pick me to pass, not one, but two Awards!  I can’t say thank you enough to you two, Brando and Bogart

If you aren’t a follower, this family has had a frustrating, sometimes disastrous, sometimes very sad move or, if you prefer, relocation.  They temporarily are without any Internet connection, but I’d sign up to follow them to keep up with the excitement and so you don’t miss their soon to be new blog.  And then there is Ziggy.  We can’t forget Ziggy!

Would you believe, with all the stress that Brando and Bogart actually took time to share these Awards? 

The first Award is!  Ta Da!

Thank You My Dogs Love Me








The second Award is!  Ta Dum!


The rules are simple…link to the blogger who presented you with the Award and then present it to 15 deserving bloggers! 

The Inspiring Blogger Awards wants us to tell seven things about ourselves!

So here goes! 

I love to travel…anywhere!  Let’s just GO!

I get VERY EXCITED!!! When it’s time to GO I just can NOT keep my MOUTH shut!!!

I like to eat on a very regular schedule.  Then I immediately want to go outside for my walk. 

I prefer to be where my Humans are. 

I want both my Humans together…with ME! 

I LOVE my beds! 

I don’t like really cold or really hot weather.

Okay, now I’m passing on these two Awards to some very deserving blogs!

First is Blueberry.  This is a beautiful dog, only 4 years old.  Not only are there some great pictures of a beautiful dog, but there is the sharing of educational information!

Second is Bart and Ruby…This handsome pair of entertaining Rottweilers will not disappoint!

Third, is Desmond…this is an always interesting dog and a blog that took the time to join in the bloggers unite for adoption. 

Fourth is Greyt Days.  Follow the life of a retired racing greyhound living in NYC! 

Fifth is Captain the Vizsla.  Another adventuresome dog that likes to travel.

Sixth is Sugar the Who and her 3 brothers.  They are participating the 2012 Blogville Olympics.

Seventh is the Bicontinental Dacshund…need I say more?

Eighth is Married with Dogs…never dull as the dogs and their humans balance their lives together.

For the remainder of the recipients y’all will have to wait in suspense until Friday and Q and A time.

Y’all come back now! 



Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Times


Hi Y’all!

Wow, Monday again!  Time flies when you’re havin’ fun!  What do you mean that’s a worn out cliché? 

Let me remind you of this family that was born in the spring.  The babies have already become “grown ups”.

Have to go check things out now.

Y’all come back now!



Friday, July 27, 2012

Friday, Q and A Time


Hi Y’all!

I’m going to try to catch up on the questions y’all have been asking. 

First Jet wants to know “what shore”.  Jet lives in a tropical climate.  Jet, we split our time between here where our shore lives in the southeastern U.S.A.  and the southeastern mountains.  I know they call this low country and from our house we can go to the Inland Waterway by boat. 

Scrappy suggests that shores are good for hot days.  I prefer the mountains ‘cause I don’t get to swim when it is really hot.  Before you ask, I’ll tell you why…’cause of this guy.  There’s lots of them even though the DNR kills the big guys if people complain. 

The 2browndawgs, Thunder and Storm and Freighter…I know, that’s 3 brown dawgs, mentioned that it looks like we had rain.  We’ve had some, but not much.  It isn’t like the mountains where there are storms almost daily in the higher elevations.  We did have a big storm here at the shore several nights ago.

The water in the pictures was actually from our sprinkler system.

Jen and Elka want to know what this bright pink wacky looking toy is.

The pink part says it is a log.  The other end is some furry fake animal tail.  It makes loads of fun to play with by yourself.  You can roll on it and it squeaks!

You can run and romp and hold its tail and toss it around!

Vanilla Bean and Sankissjuice also wanted to know about this toy…hope I answered it!

About our tire problem on Monday Mischief, Snoopy wanted to know, since I got play and walk time while the tire was fixed, if I had anything to do with it loosing air.  No, Snoopy, it would have been difficult seein’ as how I was in my kennel in the back of the SUV.  There was a big spike in the tire, and pawed ones would have a problem “spikin’ a tire”. 

Goose commented that he and his Mom drove around the city for over 20 minutes trying to find a place that had air.

The difficulty findin’ a garage to fix a flat tire brought some frustrated comments and couple of sympathetic comments with helpful suggestions.  Course we could have called road service, but it takes time and waiting in the heat.  As long as we could keep moving we felt safer. 

The Five Sibes were very sympathetic.  The biggest problem traveling is that you can get gas, but they all have the quick stops where you can get everything from souvenirs to coffee and sandwiches but need something fixed on your car…well, the old fashioned garage just isn’t there anymore. 

If you’re near a city, chances are that these “stations” won’t have any kind of air hose ‘cause kids or vandals steal them.  But if you are lucky enough to find one it probably charges for air…Jen and Elka pointed out it is difficult to find free air anymore…

Lauren at Life with Desmond gave us all a helpful suggestion…if the air isn’t free, if you ask, the garage can turn the air pump on without you paying.

Of course you have to find a garage…the clerks in the quick stops usually don’t have a clue.

Molly asked “where are you Hawk?”…Molly I hope I’ve answered your question in the last couple of posts.  If not please let me know.

If I’ve missed your question, please let me know…

Y’all come back now!



Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dogs Who Need You


Hi Y’all,

Once more it’s the day that the homeless pawed ones take over my blog.  Today I’m featuring dogs in shelters, known to us pawed ones as “doggie jails” where there is very little time left…these dogs are on death row.  There is also very little known about them, if anything, because many shelters are over crowded and the volunteers are overworked and the dogs are often picked up as “strays”.  Today I only show pictures of the ones in need. 

First, there is Kelly inTuscumbia, Alabama.  Kelly is at the Colbert County Animal Control Association, in Tuscumbia.  You can telephone 256-381-4073  or email sunboss14@aol.com   Click on Kelly’s name or her picture to go to her Petfinder Page.  Additional contact information:  the shelter is located at 5010 Missouri St Tuscumbia Tuscumbia, AL 35674 Phone: 256-381-4073 Fax: 256-381-9274 Email: ccaca@bellsouth.net ...

Kelly’s $90.00 adoption fee includes her shot, rabies and spay. 

Next we have Torque who is a Chocolate Lab mix.  He is in Queen Anne's County Dept. of Animal Services in Queenstown, Maryland. 

Torque is estimated to be about 2 years old.  Torque, like most young dogs, is full of energy.  He would be the perfect “guy’s dog”.  He needs a strong handler and a refresher in basic manners.  Because of his size and energy he would do best in a home without cats, other dogs or young children. 

You can contact the shelter by telephone at 410.758.3493 or email them at qacac@qac.org

You can go directly to the shelter site by clicking here for more information or click on Torque’s picture or name to go directly to his Petfinder page

Hope someone can help these two beautiful pawed ones.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012



Hi Y’all!

The world has gone crazy!  The Humans had appointments in the city today and it was too, too hot for me.  I didn’t even want to go. 

They were exhausted when they returned, but I got a nice walk…too hot to play.  Then when I’m trying to get my blog done for tomorrow, Papa tells a caller it’s okay to stop by.  It’s a friend I like, but I’ve got to cut this short…and I’ll be back tomorrow. 

In the meantime…I’m HERE…These pictures were taken before I left in the spring…It was still winter in most places.





Y’all come back now!



Monday, July 23, 2012

Mischief…Somebody Did Some Big Mischief!


Hi Y’all!

Remember last week I was off with the Humans.  Remember I told y’all that my Humans hate to travel when it’s HOT summertime.  This trip was not optional, so off we went just as dawn was breaking.

As we got into the low country temperatures soared. 

When we reached the place my Humans were headed, we parked in a covered parking garage and my Human stayed in the car with me while Papa went inside to his business meeting. 

When it would heat up in the car, my Human would start the car and cool it down.  Plus I had my little fan.  About the third time she started the car the low tire warning was lit. 

When Papa returned, they headed to a gas station.  Fortunately they had an air hose, since some stations around cities have removed them.  The air was so low that it didn’t even register.Did y’all realize that gas stations now don’t really have a garage?  They have food, coffee and “stuff”, but can’t fix a flat tire. 

So we drove on, stopped again for air, and drove on.  Papa kept a watch on how fast my Human was driving.  It was so hot he was worried about the tire from the friction on the road.  Finally we reached a place that would fix our tire.  I got a nice, but very hot outing while the tire was fixed.

It’s too hot for this “training” thing!

Can’t we just go straight to the reward?

Good night y’all!

Don’t worry, if you don’t recognize where I am…I’ll give you the final hints tomorrow. 

Y’all come back now.