Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Some Dogs Tell No Tales


Hi Y’all!

Some dogs may have been too traumatized or had no opportunity to tell their story.  As a result, it makes it extremely difficult for them to be adopted. That’s the case of todays dog, BoCo.



BoCo is located in Louisiana.

Here is his contact information:

Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control, Hammond, LA  The telephone number is:  985-543-0215  The email is:   tpac@tangipahoa.org



All photos and information is courtesy of Tangipahoa Parish Animal Control and Petfinder.com









Monday, July 29, 2013

Lots of Mischief!


Hi Y’all!



If you don’t know where I am yet, you’ll know shortly.





Uh oh!





That’s the recall whistle!









Uh oh!


That puts a crimp in my fun!




Y’all come back now!


















Friday, July 26, 2013

Follow Up Friday with Fitness!


Hi Y’all!



It’s once more time to answer your questions and wrap up the week.



As you can see, despite the heat, humidity and heavy rains here in the southeastern mountains, I manage to get my exercise! 

Flea wanted to know if I saw any Canada Geese on last Friday’s “follow up”. 


Seems as if they all stayed down in the low country.  At least the Canada Geese who decided not to migrate back to the north country stayed in the low country.

About “Sunday”, Sugar asks and Molly wants to know what is in my mouth?

Dog is God in Reverse and Following Roy were both wonderin’ what I was playin’ with.



That’s my mountain toy, the Wubba!

About “Monday Mischief Free” Pooch Smooches asks “what if you promise to just walk after it?”  And Oz says he can’t believe that no one will throw my Wubba, not even one time?



 First, if I promised to walk after it, my Human would NEVER believe me…I never walk anywhere unless I’m on a leash or practicing obedience moves. 

Oz, by the way, is still in need of our support for the Funniest Blog Pettie.




About “Practice Makes Perfect” Molly wants to know if I’m playing statues.  Goose asks how long I have to hold it?



Playing statues is sort of what a “stand, stay” is. 

As for how long I have to hold my Wubba or sometimes a bumper…it depends on the Human.

P1230334 It used to be only a few minutes and the Human would stay close and take it from me.  Now she walks away, sometimes all the way around me a couple of times and I have to just stand there.  If I drop the item we start all over again. 


 It’s hard to stay fit and cool both.  Be smart and stay hydrated but don’t drink too much too fast. 



My Human spent lots of time teaching me to drink on command.  She limits my water intake before and after exercise.  P1230374She also limits my exercise before and after meals. 

So, take care and play safe. 


Y’all come back now!







Thursday, July 25, 2013

Lots of This n None of That


Hi Y’all!



In this heat my Human doesn’t throw my ball or Wubba.  Instead she hides a bumper or ball or Wubba then directs me to it.


Of course keeping me from running is impossible.  But the sitting while she sets up the marks in between gives me time to cool down.








Y’all come back now!


















Tuesday, July 23, 2013




Hi Y’all!

First, let me warn you…THIS Chessie is NOT ME!  Kind of looks like me though, don’t you think?



She’s listed as a Chessie/Lab mix.

Chessie is house trained!  She’s about three years old and “sweet as they come.” 

Since she can be edgy around other dogs, it is recommended that she be adopted by an experienced dog owner.  It would be better if she is the only dog.

Chessie’s Pet ID is CLR201.  She is Spayed and Up-to-date with routine shots as well as House trained.

To inquire into adopting Chessie contact the Cincinnati Lab Rescue, Cincinnati, OH  Please use email • info@cincinnatilabrescue.org




All photos and info courtesy of Petfinder.com and Cincinnati Lab Rescue.  











Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Follow Up


Hi Y’all!



Chloe and Lady Bug wondered about the red thingy on my head in “A Walk in the Park” .



It’s a “halter” thingy.  You know, like horses wear.  There are several different kinds of them including the Halty and Gentle Leader. 



My Human puts it on me when we walk in public places.  She fastens it back to my collar incase I manage to remove it from my face with a paw.



I don’t wear it in the car.  As you can see, unlike just snappin’ the leather lead to my slip collar, the head collar is more difficult for my Human to get on straight when I’m trying to see past her to all the activity outside the car. 

The gang at Golden Pines asks if it gets any better than being outside enjoying a sunny day by the water?



If y’all would just come walkin’ along here and play with me the day would be PERFECT!


Sand Springs Chesapeakes asked, about “Sunday is a Day of Rest” if I got my itch scratched?


I just thought I’d take a little nap in the sweet smelling grass.  It’s HOT and the Humans were walkin’ and talkin’. 



Following Roy wants to know if I roll in the grass after a bath…no but I do when I need a bath! 


Wyatt asked, about “Checking Out My Local Park” if I got to swim?  Goose also asked if I got to go into the water.  


Actually, I get to wade sometimes.  Right now with all the rains and flash floods my Human is afraid to get too close to the edge of the water.  Also, there are leash laws in the park and the town, so she has to have the check cord and hold on to it when I go into the water.

Oz asked if I saw any critters? 


There are fish in the creeks.  My Human Papa saw one.  I didn’t. 

The Flea thinks it would be great if we could send some rain her way.

Y’all come back now!