Monday, February 28, 2011

Award Monday


Hi Y’all!

Had a wonderful Sunday!  Hope y’all did too! 

Much to my surprise I received a Stylish Blog Award from the awesome Paw Print City Times (here).  I am so honored to receive this Award.  I am speechless! 


 In keeping with the “Spirit of the Award”, in addition to thanking the blogger who bestowed it upon you, Paw City Times (here), I need to share 7 things about myself and share the Award with 15 other blog sites and let them know. 

I’m so pleased to be able to share this fine award with 15 sites!  I’m going to do that first!  Then if y’all are still around you can read some more stuff about me.  OK? 

Click on the name of the blog to go to the site.

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Please note, that the blog titles are in no particular order.  I enjoy all of them and hope y’all will too.

Now to share 7 things about myself. 

First, I’m not a service dog and can’t go lots of places with my Humans where I could be helpful, I’m sure. 

Second, I help my Humans by carrying things for them.

Third, I help my Human to get up when she stoops or kneels, like when she has to get something from a lower cabinet shelf.  I keep an eye on her and move beside her and stand so she can lean on my withers to help get back up. 

Forth, I pick things up for my Humans.  For instance if she drops a piece of laundry while carrying it to the washer, I pick it up and follow.  Also if one of the Humans drop something, I will pick it up and hand it to them.

Fifth, every morning at the same time, I wake my Human by shaking my head and making my ears slap.  If that fails I put my cold (should I say icy?) nose on her arm, which is usually partially uncovered. 

Sixth, I hand her, one by one, each of her bedroom slippers.  That way she doesn’t have to slide down out of the bed onto the cold wood floors and feel around for her slippers in the dark.

Seventh, sometimes I can’t resist giving a slipper a short romp around the bedroom before handing it over. 

To keep y’alls spirits up, I promise spring is heading your way!  The Bartlett Pear trees are blooming! This picture was taken yesterday evening.




This next picture was taken this evening.

Although I’m not sure when spring will arrive in Colorado and the other Rocky Mountain states.

And those of you who have sent me pictures of y’alls snow up to the second floor windows (how do y’all get out of your house?), I’m not sure y’all ever get summer.  Maybe y’all only get spring and then go right back to winter. 

And now let me say to sweet Penny the Jack Russell dog (here) in the UK, yes spring is coming there soon!  I’m positive!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sunday’s Special


Hi Y’all,

Here I am doing my daily chore of bringing in the mail.

The sun was bright and HOT, so even I had to squint. 

My Human was busy all day, mostly fightin’ weeds that are out to get ahead of her.  If she’s usin’ spray or plant food, I’m not allowed outside. 

Late in the afternoon, evening really, we got a walk together. 



Already lights were coming on.  Shortly afterward the Humans left to go out with other Humans for supper.

I just curled up and napped until they returned.  Then it wasn’t too long before bedtime. 

The next day is Sunday and the Humans always make it a special “family day”.  Since I’m an essential part of the family, that means a special time for me too!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Signs of Spring

Hi Y’all!

Yes, Spring is in the air!

We still have the occasional cool night, but this morning it was 63 degrees Fahrenheit when we took our before breakfast walk before daylight.  Dawn brought a rain storm and then it cleared to a beautiful sunny day. 

The following are some of the sights I saw today!

Fishing boats heading out at dawn with man in short sleeves and shorts.





Sport boats zooming.




Camellias blooming.



Cherry blossoms too.









Then the sun lowered in the sky and the geese headed home to bed.



The setting sun turned the water an orange color.




Then one of them noticed me watching.





Then they all turned to assess the situation.




Then they discussed the situation.  In the meantime I stood still. 



Then they decided to continue on their way home for the night. 




All for now folks!

I’m exhausted! Can’t hold my eyes open…


Friday, February 25, 2011

Fast Fleeing February Friday

Hi Y’all,

Time to answer questions again! 

First I want to say “thank you” to everyone for congratulating me on the Awards. 

Everyone I follow deserves Awards, many of y’all have numerous ones already…It’s really difficult trying to select someone to whom to pass an Award.  In this picture you can see the sorrow in my face as I attempt to pick blogs, since all are so deserving.

Let me move on now to questions and comments. Daley’s Dog Years (here) hoped that I got some yummy treats to celebrate my Awards.  Yes I did!  Fresh baked too! 

Remi over at Dog Foster Mom (here) likes to throw himself in front of the vacuum too!  KB with the Duo over at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies (here)thought it was a weird habit.

For me, it’s all about ME!  I hate when my Human is playing with the vacuum unless she’s vacuuming all the loose itchy undercoat off of me.  I get a rubber curry comb massage and the loose hair all vacuumed off.  It feels so neat! 

Kol of Kolchak Puggle (here) said he hoped I had a rousing game of fetch after workin’ so hard to get my Chuck It.  Yes I did! 

My Humans put whatever toy they take outside for us to play with in a tree while we go for our walk. When Momma is home, she tells Papa if he puts it too high for me.  When she goes to Bible Study, Papa takes me out to get the mail and play.  Only he sometimes doesn’t realize how high he has put my toy. 

If I see where the Human puts the toy before our walk, I run and get it when we get back.  The picture on the right was me fetchin’ a toy from a cypress tree.  It was taken last year.

Out and about this week I noticed the tulip magnolias and cherry trees are in full bloom.  I don’t have any here and didn’t have time to stop and get a picture.  I checked in with BZTraining (here) and what did I see but beautiful plum trees in bloom!  Do stop and visit!

I received an email asking about the funny roots that show up like a bunch of twigs in many of the beach pictures.  These are the roots of cypress trees.  Most people think they are always in a swamp.  We do have a wetland, which isn’t wet right now.

Here I am after heavy rains earlier this month which brought a rise in the water level.  Most of the pile of roots are now submerged.  Only the “knees” are normally above the water, so the water is still very low.  

Tune in tomorrow for some other signs of spring. 

For those of you still buried in snow, know that you have a reprieve for a little longer from fightin’ the weeds in the flowers.



Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hi! I’m Marx and I’m Homeless.


Hi.  They are calling me Marx.  I don’t have a home, so these people took me in. 

The other dogs here tell me this is doggy jail where they put all the dogs who don’t have homes anymore.  It isn’t nice here like a home, but I get fed regular and the people are nice even if it isn’t very comfortable. 

I got lost and was wandering around and found a nice family with a little child and a dog and cat.  I liked them very much but they said I couldn’t stay with them and brought me here to jail.

I need an active home.  I love to play and know the sit command.  I have all my shots.  The only problem is that my vision is a little fuzzy.  I haven’t seen a vet yet to see if anything can be done. 

I’m hoping to find a forever home.  If not, the people here hope a rescue will take me in and help me find a nice home. 

I’ll be released for adoption on Saturday the 26th. 

I want to thank Hawk for lending me his blog to tell my story.  He was also nice enough to contact a rescuer in Ohio here to see if they would be able to help me.  If you are a rescuer in the area and could help me would you please call.  Please click HERE or on my name or any picture to go to my Petfinder page. 

Morrow County Dog Shelter, Mount Gilead, OH

  • 419-946-1747


Tuesday, February 22, 2011



Hi Y’all, 

I want to continue to share our spring here in the Low Country. 

I know some of y’all have been getting warm days and melting snow and are eager for signs of spring.  So I’m sendin’ y’all some!

My Human took these pictures Sunday of budding leaves on the trees and birds congregating.

There have been huge flocks of Red Wing Blackbirds passing through but they aren’t hangin’ around long enough for one of the Humans to get a picture. 



The beautiful wood ducks are back and getting ready to nest but they are very skittish and fly before we realize they are there. 

Y’all stay warm and we’ll continue to share signs of spring. 

Now I leave you with the late afternoon light.  It stays light much later now.  We didn’t go for our evening walk until after six o’clock this evenin’. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

Award Monday


I, Hawk aka BrownDog, P1000326am truly humbled to have received the 'The Gold Framed Dog Blog Award' from the very special blog klahanie (HERE).   This award is in honor of Penny (interviewed HERE).  This is a MUST READ!  Penny tells us about the origin of the award (HERE) and (HERE).  More about Penny is found (HERE) and (HERE). The latter is a post in Penny’s own words. 

This award was designed by Along Life’s Highway the Yard Art Game.  The site is guaranteed to put a smile on your face and you’ll never look at decorations in peoples yards the same way again. 

And now the Award from Penny and klahanie


Now I have to decide on recipients whose blogs display their love for our “precious creatures who share our fragile planet.”  The recipients can forward the award or simply display the award on their site.  Penny and Gary at klahanie leave the decision to the recipient. 

These special recipients I’ve chosen are dogs and Humans whose lives depend on each other and who enjoy each others company.  While their lives are different and unique, the dogs invariably make the Humans lives better. 

Two Greyhound Town - On the Move  This delightful blog is currently chronicling the adventures of a 2 greyhound family on the move in search of a new home.

Greyt Days This is the tale of an adopted retired racer living the life of a sophisticated city hound in NYC

Bark’n About This is the tale of companion dogs, Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. Follow Kodee and Becky as they share unconditional love with each other and their Humans.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Stylish Blog Award…Thank you


Before I get to the award, let me thank CindyLu’s Muse (Here) for presenting me with this honor!   And now!  TA DA…StylishBloggerAward


I want  to thank all my readers too.  Without y’all and your encouraging and sometimes humorous comments I couldn’t have earned this award. 

And now what y’all are waiting to hear…7 things about me.  

  • I talk too much and too loudly.
  • I get excited too easily.
  • I scare people when they come to the door.  I don’t mean to frighten them. 
  • I like to swing my head over and “touch” my Human when we’re walking.
  • When the vacuum is running I throw myself in front of it until I either get vacuumed or the Human puts me in my crate until finished. 
  • I have favorite toys, but the Humans decide what I get. So I stare at the one I want if they pick up the wrong one.  Usually they’ll exchange it for the one I want. 
  • I don’t counter surf, but when they make my treats and I want some, I sit underneath the counter where the treats are cooling and stare at the Human. 

And now to the PRESENTATIONS!

Dog is God in Reverse 

The (Mis)Adventures of Sage

I Still Want More Puppies

The Life and Times of Remington 

Kol’s Notes

Adventures of a Cattle Dog

Tails and Tales

Stop by and visit their sites.  I’m sure you’ll enjoy them…some of you will know some of them already.

Thanks again, CindyLu, for honoring us with this Award!