Friday, May 31, 2013

Time to Wind Up the Week


Hi Y’all!



Time to get ready for the weekend! by answering your questions!

My Blogville friend Goose asked if I ever got in the hot tub…



No, Goose, I’ve never gotten in it.  It isn’t like a swimming pool or something. 


Sugar asked how come I was inside, if I was waiting for my Humans?



Sugar, I’m actually sort of outside.  I’m on the screen porch waiting for my Human to get another cup of coffee and come back and join us.  She and Papa like to have their breakfast on the porch in the mornings. 


Sampson and Delilah from Heart Like a Dog had several questions about various posts.

On Follow Up she asked if my Human threw the ball in the tree?




P1200397She didn’t exactly throw it there.  She hides my ball or bumper or whatever toy in various trees and then handles me (directs me) where to find them.

Next question was about snakes being a big problem where we are. 


The sulphur around the water line and the house takes care of the snakes.  The biggest problem is these guys:


I don’t think these guys are anyplace but the southeastern coastal areas, mostly the deep south. 

Snakes are a problem anyplace.  Even in Canada there are many species of snakes, including various species of rattlesnakes. 

If you want to be safe from snakes move to Maine.  My Human says there are no snakes in Maine. 

Most snakes are more afraid of you than you of it.  Just don’t pick up rocks around streams and creeks when hiking…If you are living in a town or city, snakes are rarely a thought.  I live in very rural areas both here and in the mountains. 

The next question was about Stranger than Strange…


The baby goose on the far right is much larger than its siblings.  The one on the far left much smaller.  Usually the babies are all much closer in size. 

Below is another view that clearly shows that the small gosling even has  different down than the others.


As for the duck in the background…it is not unusual to see ducks, wading birds and geese all sharing habitat.  They do stay somewhat segregated. 

About Airborne, Oz wants to know what it felt like to fly!


WONDERFUL!  Just wish I could stay soar farther and longer!

Sampson, Baird, Dante and Daisy Boo asked if I am part bird. 

Sometimes I wish I was!

Molly the Wally asked how I could refrain from chasing the “tree rat”.  Oz asked how can I allow the “tree rat” to eat from the bird feeders?  Dina Dog asked how my tail cannot be quivering at the sight of the “tree rat”.


The brown dawgs say that the squirrels are always after their feeders, but it gives them something to watch. 

I must agree…watch is the key word here.  I’m not allowed to chase anything.  Birds, cats, squirrels, rabbits.  I’m never outside without a Human, so I have no chance to sneak a chase! 


 Y’all come back now!








Thursday, May 30, 2013

Some of This and Some of That


Hi Y’all!


Look how big the baby geese are already!  It’s still May!


The jasmine is still perfuming the air!



Somebody forgot to tell him this is a bird feeder!





What do y’all mean, it’s my job?


He’s leavin’ anyway!







Y’all come back now!







Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Time to Help!



Hi Y’all!


It’s time to introduce another special gal in need of lots of love and attention…

Hi!  My name is Danika.  For some reason my human family left me here at animal control just because I had puppies.  They left my pups with me too.  At nine weeks the nice people here found homes for them…but no one has wanted me…so I’m still here in doggie jail.

I just want a loving home.  I love puppies, even the ones who aren’t mine.  I don’t want to have more pups though; I want to get on with my life.  I get along with all nice dogs.  I would love to have a family with children so that I could have someone to play ball and stuff with me when you are busy. 

The volunteers said to tell you that I am housetrained.  I love to go for walks!  I’m so excited when I see the volunteer coming with a leash!

I don’t know what breed I am, but they think I might be a Chessie mix.  I do love to focus on the birds that are in the grassy field where the volunteers take me to walk. 

So my wish is for a loving family who wants to give me lots of love and attention.  Are you that family?  or do you know that family and can tell them about me?


My contact information:

Campbell County Animal Control and Care, Rustburg, VA  

Please call there: 434.821-4416. Hours are from 12 to 5 on weekdays and 11 to 4 on Saturday.

Or use email •


Photos and information courtesy of and  Campbell County Animal Control and Care.  Click on photo or name to go to Petfinder page. 






Monday, May 27, 2013

Hope Y’all are Enjoying the Memorial Day Festivities.



Hi Y’all!




It’s Monday again and time for me to confess the mischief in which I’ve been involved.  I was a good boy…


Because I am such a good boy…let me just say don’t let the fun and cookouts blind you to the reason we have this holidayin Memory of those who gave their lives for our freedom in the U.S.A.

Now I’ll share a few sights of my U.S.A.












Y’all come back now!










Saturday, May 25, 2013

Fun! Run! Sun!


Hi Y’all!



Hey kid! You’re supposed to sniff my tail, not my mouth!




Come on, I’ll teach you how to play!






Didn’t I tell you to stay out of my face!  It’s RUDE!!!


More Monday…right now I have to teach this pup a lesson in etiquette!

Y’all come back now!






Friday, May 24, 2013

Follow Up on My Week


Hi Y’all!



Time to join Heart Like a Dog for Follow Up Friday Blog Hop and wind up my week by answering your questions.

First Sue Kottwitz asks if I’m not always off on some adventure. 


Sometimes adventure comes to me…

Molly the Wally mentioned she’s never seen a cottonwood tree before…if you missed Stranger than Strange…


Is it snowing?


No, it’s cotton on water.



Sophie wanted to know if this was a first…the mallards and geese sharing the grassy areas…



While the various grass eaters tend to eat in the same areas and seemingly ignore each other, for the most part the two are segregated. 


We frequently see ducks and geese grazing in or swimming in the same areas.  However, we also see the fisherman, egrets and herons sharing the same wetland areas.  The ducks and geese are eating the tender shoots in the shallow waters.  The wading birds are eating the smaller tender young fish that are seen in schools in the same shallow waters where they can try to hide in the grasses.


Oh, and here is another banded bird that visited in early March.


Then, in the Monday Mischief post, I asked if y’all recognized this scene…


Molly, Goose and Slim Doggy all recognized that I’m in flooding waters…

Below I am in the same area before the waters rise.




A while back I answered the question about this area.  Feeding the lake are 3 major rivers originating on this side of the Eastern Continental Divide to the north and west.  Where we are is a minor river that feeds into the same lake. The rivers were all damned.  Despite the damn we can still get in our boat here and go to the inland waterway on the Atlantic Ocean.


We have been in severe drought for the last 5 years.  This year the early summer rains have returned to their normal pattern. During normal years it is normal for the waters to flood this time of year, sometimes much earlier. 

Flea asked if I got in a pirogue and went in search of gators and cotton mouths.  (also link here)


My Human lets me wade to cool off, but swimming is a no no now.  I’m only allowed to wade where my Human can clearly see the bottom to be sure nothing is lurking.  Neighbors called the other day to tell us that a 12 foot gator and a 9 foot gator had been laying around their pier on the sand.  The DNR were alerted and will kill them when they are spotted.  We have spread sulphur all around the edges of the water and around the house and gardens to keep snakes at bay. 

Marcie at Paws It On, the 2browndawgs, Oskar and Sage visited Guess What I see on Wordless Wednesday and asked if it was a squirrel…



I see an empty yard just before sun up and the birds aren’t working yet!  Lazy birds!  I’ve already been on my pre-dawn walk and the only birds stirring then were the herons with their hoarse croaking call.  At sun up when I go out for my second walk the world will be alive with bird songs. 

Oz asked if I enjoy the way the landscape changes as the seasons change.


Oh yes Oz…the seasons are part of the spice of life…my favorites are spring and fall…the two most colorful times!

Now I must be off!

Y’all come back now!