Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bo, Bozerific!


Hello there!   I’m Bo. I’m a retriever mix.  I have a badly damaged leg.  My owners let the leg heal until the bone fused, but when the wound never healed they dumped me at a kill shelter.





The first thing my foster mom did was take me to a vet.  They were afraid my leg would have to be amputated.  When the vet x-rayed it, they found BB pellets in my leg.  I was putting weight on my leg but I limped.  The vet decided that my leg didn’t need to be removed now.  That could change later in life if I start having a lot of pain, but I hope not.

My foster mom has my leg almost completely healed!  The wound is almost completely closed.  

I’m trying to run and play with the family dogs.  Everyone marvels and how quickly I move!!! 

My foster mom says I am sweetest dog and it brings tears to her eyes when she thinks that I could have been sent over the rainbow ‘cause I have a bum leg. 

My foster mom says families look “long and hard” for dogs with my sweet temperament.  I love everyone.  I’d love to crawl into my families laps and snuggle, but they don’t think it’s a good idea ‘cause I weigh 80 lbs.

I’m not sure, but I think I’m about 2 or 3 in human years.  I’m housetrained and crate trained.  I really don’t need the crate.  My foster parents lets me sleep on a dog bed next to their bed at night.

My best buddies are the kids that live here.  But I love everyone!.

My name is Bo, but that call me Bozo when I’m being silly.  They also call me Bozerific!

I’m still shedding my winter and I have a beautiful coat coming in.  Everyone remarks on my beautiful color.

If you’re looking for a running buddy, I’m afraid I’ll never be a good running buddy for you.  If you want a great companion and best friend, I’m your boy!  You’ll forget I have a bad leg!

If you’re interested in having me become part of your family, please click here to visit my Petfinder Page.  You’ll find all the contact information and costs.


JRs Pups-n-Stuff, Brookfield, WI



Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Ball Tree

Hi Y’all,
The approach

Checking the ground.  Don’t see any.

Nobody is lookin’.  I’ll just pull one off.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recipients Versatile Blogger Award!

The Versatile Blogger Award was presented to me by Sawyer the Schnauzer! (Here)

The rules are simple.
The rules for accepting this award are to:
1. Share 7 facts about me
2. Pass the award on to 15 new, or newly discovered, bloggers.

I certainly hope that y’all enjoy checking these blogs out. I selected blogs that are new to me that I felt deserved the Award.  I only selected 10.   There are many deserving blogs, but most I’ve been following for awhile…
Casper Bear “Life of a Chocolate Labrador”
Diagnosed with Canine Hip Dysplasia at when he was 6 months old, the blog was started to tell about the experience. Hopefully it will help others in the process.

diary written by a Golden Retriever named Farley. Farley says he will share little glimpses into his daily canine adventures with his humans. While you’re there be sure to visit the 1000 Goldens Project page.
For the Love of Chester
The Life and Times of a Chocolate Labrador. It has lots of pictures and humor. Guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

Beans for Biscuits
This blog is very entertaining. There is Sugar the Who and Butter the Bean. To find out more, check out the blog! J
Angus and Milo’s Adventures
This chocolate Lab and yellow Lab get to go lots of places and meet lots of other dogs.
Entertaining reading about a lovely lady and her first guide dog as they discover their world together. It is written as a diary for herself, I think y’all will enjoy it. OJ loves his job and does it well.

Just Dogs with Sherri
If you like great dog pictures and want to learn something too, you’ll enjoy this blog.
Sara Loves Dogs
You don’t want to miss this blog featuring Oreo and Chewy. Watch these active dogs play and participate in agility…well, Chewy isn’t competing yet…
Through Lab’s Eyes
Is a blog that we just stumbled upon…it was a lucky accident! If you are interested in agility, you’ll enjoy watching the videos.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Award Monday!


Hi Y’all!


Today I am so lucky!

I was once more honored to receive an award.

The Versatile Blogger Award was presented to me by Sawyer the Schnauzer! (Here)

The rules are simple.

The rules for accepting this award are to:
1. Share 7 facts about me
2. Pass the award on to 15 new, or newly discovered, bloggers.



Today I will share 7 facts about me.

1.  I don’t like snow.  It’s cold and gets in the pads of my feet.

2.  The endless swimming pool has alligators and snapping turtles in it.  I only go swimming when my Human gives me the okay. 

3.  I spend the hottest part of the summer and early autumn in the mountains. 

4.  The other day my Human thought I was looking for a place to potty, but I’d found a funny hard thing in a hollow spot.  Curious to see what it was, I kept nudging it.  Suddenly it stuck it’s big beak like head out and snapped.  It almost got my nose!  Then it scurried off into the water. 

5.  The Humans put sulphur around to keep the snakes away. 

6.  Here at the shore we have copperheads and cotton mouths and rattlesnakes plus a host of non- poisonous ones.  Alligators and snapping turtles keep us on the alert. There are also areas with wild pigs and turkey.

7.  In the mountains we have to watch for rattlesnakes and copperheads.  We also have black bear, wild pigs, bobcats and coyote.  They say there are panther.  We’ve heard the chilling human like screams, but never seen one.  There are also wild turkey. 

It’s really late and I’m tired.  I have to be up to get my Human going in the morning.  I’ll have to ask y’all to wait until tomorrow for the bloggers to whom I’m passing the award.



Sunday, June 26, 2011

Enjoying My World!


Hi Y’all,

Any typical evening I take a walk with my Humans.  Our favorite place is down by the water.  It’s always the same and never the same.  In the pictures below I run along the shore line to the pier. 



The heat this time of year limits our long outings to early morning and late evening.  Below is our sky as we head in for the night.



Y’all come back now!


Saturday, June 25, 2011



Hi Y’all!

Hope y’all got a chance to visit all the puppy raisers on yesterday’s Inspiration list. 

Today I’ll show you a sneak preview into my “real” life.

Below I am eyein’ one of the piles of bumpers.  Truth told I see my special reward in this pile.  We’ll go for a walk first.  Then from somewhere in the yard my Human will send me to retrieve them.  I’ve already brought them once from where they were hidden all over the yard. 

Finally, I got the prize!  YES!

Y’all come back now!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank Y’all! I Am Truly Honored!


Hi Y’all!

I am overwhelmed!  I can’t believe it!

Over at Greyhound Gardens (you may think of them as Itsa a Greyt Day) they saw fit to give me, Hawk, the Inspiration Award!   I can’t thank y’all enough! 

The rules are simple. 

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded this to you.

2. Link posts by you and ten fellow bloggers that you find inspirational.

3. Forward the award to those ten fellow bloggers.

My Human inspired my choice of which blogs to give the award.  Back in the “olden days” when she was in school she donated time recording books for the blind.  She got to be friends with a couple of students who were blind.  One had a dog.  She was overwhelmed with the dogs ability to communicate with her friend.  She actually tried to talk her other friend into giving up her cane for a dog. 

In todays digital world of blogs, we’ve stumbled across a couple of blogs about graduate guide dogs and their handlers. 

Her friend who preferred the cane eventually got a dog.  While discussing the dog’s extraordinary abilities, her friend mentioned the “puppy raiser”.  Since, while following blogs, we have found that people depending on guide dogs are thankful for the puppy raiser. 

Whether a dog is a leader dog or a service assistant dog helping a handicapped person, a puppy raiser was responsible for that dog’s basic training.  It’s like the dog went to high school and undergrad training, then they get turned in for advanced training…grad school if you will.  Sadly, not all puppies are able to pass their exams and become leader dogs.

These puppy raisers are truly an Inspiration!

Without further comment here are 9 puppy raisers’ blogs and 1 puppy sitter’s blog. 

1.  Rudy’s Life as a Guide Dog In Training

2.  Puppy Raising

3.  Davey’s Everyday Adventures

4.  In Training

5.  Ansel: Life and Times of a CCI Puppy

6.  Miraculous Journey

7.  Guide Dogs for the Blind: Puppy Sitter

8.  The Puppy Raising Journey

9.  Puppy Tales of a Southeastern Guide Dog Puppy

10.Growing a Guide Dog




Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wanted! Needed! A Special Someone!


Hi Y’all!

Hawk here.  I don’t want to confuse things with my picture, but here is Sophie!  

Sophie is very shy and has taken losing her happy home of 8 yrs., where she lived from the time she was a pup, very, very hard!  Here is another picture of Sophie. 

Her story is a sad one.  Her humans had a new human pup that was deathly allergic to dogs.  They elected to keep the human pup instead of Sophie and her buddy Bailey.

Her foster mom and dad want you to know that she is a wonderful companion!  She’s housebroken, doesn’t get on furniture, rarely barks, crate trained and takes treats like the lady she is.

She is holding out for a home with lots of toys where she can sit next to you and watch a movie or TV while you give her love.

She’s great with other animals, but shy around other dogs she doesn’t know.  She adores cats.

If you have lots of patience to help her adjust and plenty of love to share, Sophie is the perfect love for you! 

Please email:

To access Sophie’s Petfinder page please click on her picture or name.





Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Wordless Wednesday!


Hi Y’all, 

It’s wordless Wednesday again.  So I think I’ll just drive y’all down to the pier to see the one surviving baby duck. 


Oops!  Sorry, that’s not a duck.  It’s a tri color blackbird.  (Tilt your screen until  you can see the beautiful yellow and red wing bars.)

There it is! 

Mamma and baby.

The brown knobs in the water are cypress knees.




As baby follows his Mamma, you can see the right leg paddling like an oar.

It’s time to preen!

So long folks!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Swelter Tuesday


Hi Y’all!

Whew!  I’ve been mostly layin’ around today.  It’s after 5pm and still 98 Fahrenheit!

Weather forecaster said it was going to over 100 degrees today and tomorrow!  It never topped 98 here at the shore.  There was a constant strong breeze. 

There was no outside play or training.  We took a short morning walk and I was happy to come inside when the sun came up.   Nights cool off to the upper 70’s, so we’ll go for a walk around 9PM when temps drop into the 80’s.

Here I am checking on the balls on the tree from the shade of the golf cart.

Evening and everybody headin’ home.


I’d like to publicly thank two blogger friends for letting me know the reason for the huge amount of traffic many of us were experiencing.  They let friends know and the combined effort seems to have gotten the responsible site closed down.  First, a little fellow, Kol,  with a giant heart notified me and my Human.  Second, Bailey had posted complete directions on his blog.  Thanks y’all!


Monday, June 20, 2011

Q & A


Hi Y’all!

Hope y’all are having a great summer so far! 

It’s been awhile since I’ve answered questions…truth is there haven’t been many.  Lately y’all do seem to have a couple, so I’ll address them. 

Rottrover  asked if I left a milk bone in the collection plate yesterday.  No, my Human left greenbacks instead.  I’m not sure if they’re good to eat though.

Rottrover also asked about gators.  Yes we have gators in our water and they come up and sun themselves in the yard sometimes.  You can see them layin’ along the road down by the gas station. 

Over at “My Thoughtful Spot” they want to know what I prayed for at church.  Angel Kitty says he might pray for some new treats or catnip.  I’ve got to be honest Angel Kitty, being just a dog, I don’t really understand this prayer thing the Humans do.  I just watch and listen.  Askin’ for more treats sounds like a super idea.  We’ll have to get together so you can explain how to do this prayer thing.

Mogley over at A Dog’s Life asked if I left a treat in the collection plate.  Sadly, no, my Human said they preferred greenbacks. 

Mogley also said that the ski slopes are still open out there and they are calling for more snow!  It’s hard to realize it can snow anywhere when at 8PM tonight it was still in the 90’s Fahrenheit here. 

Sage at the (mis)Adventures of Sage has never been in a boat.  He asks if it is scary.  No Sage, it’s not scary.  I’d never been on a boat until I came to live with my Human.  First time I just followed her on board I was not sure what to expect.  Now when the boat is at the pier the first thing I do in the morning is race on board and stand in the bow hoping we’ll go out.  Sometimes we do.

The Old Geezer Blog wonders why the birds only show up when I’m not around.  Romp Roll Rockies says it must be tough to be a retriever in a bird sanctuary.  Truth is, I never chase anything, not even a squirrel.  My Humans used to hunt with retrievers.  They didn’t want us scaring the birds away.  So I’ve learned to lay quietly while my Human takes her bird photos.  The other day I went outside and a squirrel ran across in front of me.  I quickly sat and watched it, then my Human and I went on for our walk. 

Don’t worry, I get to do lotLooking across the inlet that comes into the yard.s of retriever stuff.  I get to find and bring bumpers.  Whenever I go outside I’m always carrying a toy or bumper.  Plus I get to play catch as a reward, when it’s not too hot. 

Y’all come back now!



Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sunday, Time for Church!


Hi Y’all!

It’s Sunday and we’re off to church! 

Water traffic is picking up, everyone headed to church.

Entire families come to church, including us dogs.


People help each other tie up.  If you’re late, you have to anchor behind these boats.  People help each other tie up.

A little girl and her dog go up for children’s story time.  The preacher is the one standing on the raised pulpit under the umbrella. 

A little girl and her dog go to join the other children for the childrens' story time.

While the Offering is collected the children gather around the preacher.  The adults on their boats can hear the story too.  It leads directly into the sermon.

People also come in golf carts and cars.

After the service, at  the back of this boat a Jack Russell Terrier supervises as a family leaves for a morning of fun on the water.


Headin’ home!

Lake channel markers.

Almost home!