Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Help Your Pawed One Feel Secure While Traveling.


Hi Y’all,

We left you yesterday trying to figure out how to get me out the door with the suitcases before I either drove the Humans insane or died from excitement.  The latter worries my Papa. 

I get so excited he’s afraid I’ll die from heart failure. Whatever that is, it doesn’t sound good.

At first my Human tried to pack suitcases while keeping them hidden behind closed doors.  We dogs have excellent hearing.  Much better hearing than you humans.  Therefore, I knew by the sounds that “things were happening”. 

It just wasn’t practical to try to do everything in the morning when you’re already getting up at 3:30am or 4:00am to get an early start.  So, my Human decided to include me in the packing. I got to sit and supervise and also help pack the car.  Originally, the last suitcase loaded was mine.  Now it is one of the first and seen in the picture above. You can see my suitcase and bowl to the left of my travel crate.  My bumpers and training stuff are in the bag seen on the right.  Here in the picture where I am checking to be sure nothing was forgotten, you can see my bags as well as my travel fan. 

When the car trip begins, my Humans want me to have an opportunity to read my pee mail and get the scent and temperature changes, so we make a number of stops.

when I get to stay in a hotel with the Humans, my rug out of my crate becomes my bed for the stay. 

The first thing I do when we arrive home is check the yard then go inside to to sure that no one has been in our house or, more important, my beds!

Don’t forget to have your pawed one microchipped and be sure to have his rabies tag on his collar.  No matter how reliable your dog’s obedience, keep him/her on a leash at any stops you make.  Another dog, a loud noise, or a myriad of other unexpected sounds or sights can panic the best behaved dog.  Carry a recent copy of shot records in case you need emergency vet treatment or want to leave your friend at a daycare or boarding facility during your trip. 

My Humans always travel with extra water from home.  We can mix it with water from the temporary location so I don’t cut back on my drinking or get a tummy upset.  If you’re used to well water and smell the additives to purify city water, you may not want to drink. 

We also carry my own food.  Even if your friend does not have allergies, it’s a good idea to avoid tummy upsets from food changes.  Besides, it’s less stressful to arrive prepared and not have to try to locate a store where you can purchase the right food.  Some brands offer travel packs or you can use zip lock freezer bags and take some in you luggage if you’re flying.

Make your trip safe and comfortable for everyone.  Y’all come back now.      

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Travel Do’s and Overcoming Separation Anxiety


Hi Y’all,

The other day I was reading observations about us, dogs, and how we behave (to read it yourself go here).

The article is about how we pawed ones love routine.  My Humans are VERY routine oriented.  Having spent so much time with horses, who demand routine, they obey my schedule pretty well. 

It’s very comforting to us pawed ones to know when our next outing or feeding will come.

Y’all remember when you got your new puppy?  Remember for the housebreaking that you were told to take the puppy out shortly after eating, drinking, playing or immediately upon awakening?  It works for us old guys too. 

Yep we can “hold it” longer than a puppy, but if you want us to “go” “on command”, take us out on a schedule.  I go out within 15 minutes of eating, take a short walk, signal to Human it’s time for some privacy and go off in the bushes for a few seconds.  Human goes on her way, so I always get a good run to catch up. 

Same routine goes with meals.  I can tell time.  I know, sometimes I try to trick my Human into feeding me early.  However, she shows me her watch and tells me “too early”.  With a sigh I have to go off and lay down to wait.    

It’s much less stressful for me when I know what to expect.  I know when I call my Human too early in the morning, she’ll get up and take me out, then, when we’re back inside, she’ll send me back to bed.  Then she goes back to bed. I’ve tried asking for food, but she has a great way of ignoring me.  I rattle the bowl on top of my crate, but my Human just walks back and returns to bed. 

When I call her at the correct time, she’ll get up and start the Humans’ breakfast, then feed me,  always within a minute or two of my proper feeding time. 

Okay, now that I know my routine, what happens when you suddenly change it?  You know, y’all have to do people stuff and we’re not included…unless of course, you’re a working/service dog. 

My Humans let me know ahead of time time when I’m not going to be included, so I’m not stressed out…which I do tend to get…can’t help it , sometimes I feel like I’m comin’ out of my skin!!!

First, I can tell if they are just off for the day without me or we’re going on a trip. 

My Human gets up, usually before I call her, and goes straight to fix my breakfast before starting breakfast for her and Papa.  When she is dressed, she puts my collar on and we go outside for my walk.  Usually by now Papa is up and either dressing or helping finish their breakfast.  After they eat, I get another quick “pee run”.  This time when I come in, my Human removes my collar.  This only happens when they are leaving me at home.  So, I just settle down.  No point in getting excited, ‘cause I won’t get to go. 

When it comes time for them to leave, each Human gives me a “treat” on the way out the door.  You might be thinking “bribe”, but I consider it payment for watching the house in their absence.

Tomorrow find out how my Humans handle my excitement and the suitcases. 

Y’all come back now!





Monday, August 29, 2011

On the Run Again!


Hi Y’all!

I’ve been on the run!


And then I become a blur!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Splish Splash



Hi Y’all,

Hope everyone is staying safe from that hurricane. 

I was lookin’ for some water to play in and this mud puddle was the best I could find. 

Not much of puddle is it?

Y’all come back now!


Saturday, August 27, 2011

Solving the Mystery

Hi Y’all,
Strange things are happenin’.  Things are disappearin’  and I’m lookin’ for evidence.

Aha!  I’m sure my wildlife friends recognize this piece of evidence!

Let me search a little further along here. 

Yes, here’s more evidence!
I knew if I kept my nose to the ground I’d find more evidence.  I just have to keep on the trail!

Aha!  I knew it!  That’s where all the acorns are going!  The guilty: 

I found them…now do y’all think the President will pardon them?  
Y’all come back now!

Friday, August 26, 2011

Q & A Time Again

Hi Y’all,
K ignores big dogs, or cows as the Humans call them. R on the other hand barks at them. Visit them by clicking here. They want to know what I think of the “huge dogs”. I’m used to funny looking dogs like these.

And these:
I’ve even got these buddies who call to me when I go walkin’ past.

My Human insists that I ignore them. I do sneak peaks through the fence at them. I think they’re neat.
Roxy the Traveling Dog (here) wants to know if I tell them “Mooooove away”. Actually the bull there has a LOUD voice. The bull is the one with the ear tag.
Sunday everybody wanted to pat the cows. Couldn’t tell them to “Moooove”. So, Thunder and Storm (here), no pats for the Hawk.

Sage (here) asked if the Blue Heeler left any food for me. My food allergies kept me from getting any samples.

Nick (here) wants to know if I chase the Arctic Cat. No Nick, I’m not allowed to chase anything. I get to run and romp, but not chase. ‘Sides the Cat goes home with the kids’ grandpa.
Bert (here), regarding the Scandal Section, wants to know if I told the kid there is more than one fish in the sea. Unfortunately, it never occurred to me. I guess I was too busy getting’ the news.
In my job of newscaster I want to tell everyone who is trying to visit Misty Shores to see the “baking pups” Smile to be sure they’re going to the correct link (here)
24 Paws (here) wanted to know if my feet are touching the ground. I think I’m actually launching into the air here. Y’all know we can fly don’t you? Winking smile

Tomorrow I’ll take you with me as I investigate the mystery regarding this:

Y’all come back now!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Pedigree's "Write A Post, Help A Dog 2011 Campaign!


Hi Y’all,

Today is Thursday.  As y’all know on Thursday I turn my blog over to the Homeless retrievers of Petfinders.

Today I want to turn my blog over to promoting aid for shelters that will help feed those Homeless advertising on Petfinders.    On Tuesday, Bocci’s Beefs alerted me of the start of Pedigrees food for shelters campaign.

So everyone, take a moment and write a post and help the Homeless! 

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Strangers Sighted



Hi Y’all,

A little observation revealed this stranger crashing the party on Sunday.

My sources assure me that the stranger was not invited.




It was quickly apparent that the intruder was not alone.





Two young investigators checked the situation.

I wasn’t long before  an entire crowd arrived.





In the meantime this fella slipped in to steal a little food and pats.











































Y’all come back now.