Friday, May 15, 2009

These are great days!

These past few days have been great! I've been getting up early and going out for a walk and then, after breakfast, off to run.....I only to get to do that early because of the snakes and gators that come out once the sun comes up.

The temperature last night only got down to 71 degrees, so we wanted to get out before the sun warmed to cold bloods up.Of course I can always run around the yard, but it is more fun to go check out where all the other dogs have know, see whose been there, etc.

The yard is protected from the snakes by the sulfur powder my humans put all around the waterfront and other places they like to hide. The geese help keep the snakes away too.

I'm gettin' ready to take another big nap right now because there is a thunderstorm rumbling around. Thunderstorms ruin things for me sometimes, but they make my humans happy. Something about a "drought" and low water levels they don't like.

I'll get a couple of walks again tonight and maybe get to play too.

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