Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is This Apollo’s Day to be Thankful?


I’m Apollo.  I’m pleased to meet you. 

You humans are celebrating Thanksgiving.  I’d like to be thankful for a forever home…but today finds me sharing with three other pawed ones and their humans. I’m thankful to be able to share this home on this special day.  I’m also thankful to be able to share a few things about myself with all of you.


When I came here I had trouble moving and was boney if you felt me.  Like many older humans I have cataracts.  I see a few shadows and once you show me around and show me the steps, if there aren’t too many, I can manage to get around okay.  I can walk nice on a leash too.  Only please don’t jerk on it since I have arthritis and that hurts.  Don’t most of you older humans have arthritis? 

When I first came here they wouldn’t let the other two dogs around me.  To be honest I just wanted to lay around, eat and drink.  After I got my strength and started realizing that this wasn’t doggy jail, the humans let me join the rest of the pawed ones. 

Nothing upsets me.  I’m not aggressive about anything or toward anyone. 

For more about me from my foster mom and to see more pictures go to my page: Apollo’s page at Blind Dog Rescue

You can also see my contact information at my Petfinder Page: Apollo’s page and contact info.

You can contact me:

Apollo, Blind Dog Rescue Alliance - PA, Telford, TN • 877-BLIND-01 •

Happy Thanksgiving to all and thanks for reading about me!


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