Friday, January 18, 2013

Follow Up Friday…Your Questions, My Answers!


Hi Y’all!


First, may I thank Heart Like a Dog for another great Follow Up Friday!

Seems like I confused some of y’all back on January 9th.  Dakota pointed it out when he asked “did this get posted by mistake”…the title was It’s Christmas 2012…


I’m sorry that I confused you Dakota.  I guess I didn’t make it clear that my post was “looking back”…I’d been promising to show off my Christmas present…See my Christmas card!

Remember these posts from Christmas day…I wore out after showing off my cards and fell asleep…Then I started “looking back” as we sped into the New Year.


I’m sorry about confusing y’all with the title of my delayed showing of my gift.

Now, to change the subject…I was so pleased to discover that some of my Blogville friends enjoyed my Challenge post.  I was so worried because not only was my post delayed, but most of my pals humans were posting answers.  Being only a dog, I was worried my answers wouldn’t be helpful.  So, thank you My Life with the Critters, Bark and ChatterBringing Up Bella, Oz the TerrierHeart Like a Dog, Gospel of Goose, BZ Training, Sugar the Golden Retriever and Go Pet Friendly.

Yes, Sugar, you guessed right!  The present is a toy!


Sugar asked “is that you?”  and my friend Penny the next Paw Minister of Britain, also known as Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest Internet star,  thinks I look like a bear! 



Maybe this picture will help…


Sugar wants to know if my “replacement” toy is pink or purple.


The best I can tell you Sugar, is the toy is a “funny shade of pink”…more a mauve…’cause a real pink would be too feminine.


Sam wanted to know where I got the toy…It’s a dogzilla that my Human bought for me on a special sale.  The toy I put a hole in my Human Papa purchased at Walmart.


It had to be Freddie, ‘cause Gloria would never…think the end looks like a “toilet plunger”! 

Freddie and Gloria’s Human needs our support y’all.  If you haven’t already stopped by, please do and let y’all know that they are in your thoughts and prayers.

Finally, Dakota, the ball is in my mouth.


Pawfect Days wants to know if I’m going to play fetch with my Human.  Since I’m a retriever, I just like to carry something.  But yes, we always play a little. 

Hope I didn’t miss anyone’s query. 


Y’all come back now!








  1. I always love your follow up.

  2. Woof! Woof! Oh My Did you say mauve? What a color name ... those French. Yah it does look like a toilet plunger, Golden laughs. As a fellow retriever I'm with you on carrying something. Happy Follow-up Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. Oh gosh, I could look at that photo of you all day...the one where you look like a bear. It makes me smile! BOL I think Ma wished I liked to carry things around...I always find lost balls outside, carry 'em half-way home and then drop 'em and look at Ma like "Hey, your turn to carry it!"

    Great wrap-up of the week. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You know, you could say that your toy is "light red". Lol. Isn't that what pink really is???

  5. Wow I really seem to be goofing EVERYTHING up today. I think I'll be leaving now :)

  6. Ah, my illustrious friend. I have returned to check out your follow up answers to all those questions.

    Right then, I hope you can um bear my reply to you. You still kinda' remind of a bear. A lovable bear, of course!

    And because I want to talk in American when I visit you after being elected 'Paw Minister' of Britain. I shall say, "Have a nice day, y'all! Y'all come back now, ya hear...."

  7. BOL! Oh Hawk, I love love love your face in the picture with your Kong. That's one happy dog face. Love it!

  8. Great follow-up Hawk, thanks so much for joining us on FUF! It sure looks like you have lots of fun toys to either play with or carry.

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Hope the new toy hangs in there longer than the present toy. Freighter put a hole in a toy similar to your present toy in no