Friday, April 12, 2013

K is for Know


Hi Y’all!


K is for “know”…’cause I know and you want to know what I know…so now I’ll answer your questions so you know it too!


Sue asked about Fun and Fear…was I going to fill y’all in about the big animal paw print…(top right, Papa’s foot bottom left)


We do have black panthers, bears and bobcats…it seems too big for a bobcat.  It definitely isn’t a bear track…We found two different distinct tracks that appeared to be from the same animal. 


Amber, I was very uncomfortable after I scented that critter!  It was a strong scent.  Notice the drop in my tail…


Of course I had to keep going to warn my Humans if danger came to close.


Thunder and Storm said “oh no, did you get too close to the nest?”


See the pine in the far left of the above picture?  That’s where the nest is located…and where I was headed when the guard goose threatened me.

Dawn wanted to know if I had my feelings hurt?

Those silly geese!  They don't know how much fun this is!

I sure did!  The geese always just accepted me.

MadelineAnn asked if I had to smell both sides of the leaf for a scent.


Can’t really say.  It depends on what scent I pick up.  Sometimes I have to sniff an entire branch.

Goose asked about the same photo…what are you pointing at there?

Just paused to take a sniff, is all.

Sugar wants to know if I did something…on my Independent post.

No, I didn’t do anything bad.  Some people think my breed is stubborn.  We were bred to retrieve from the cold water of the Chesapeake Bay.  We can find the bird when other dogs can’t.  However, when we are training, sometimes we know more than the human…and insist on “doing it our way.”

Saved by the Dogs has heard that some people live with dogs who aren’t independent thinkers…hmmm…that’s food for thought.

I hope I answered all your questions.  Now I have things to do.

Y’all come back now!






  1. Very important things to do I see.

  2. Do you have bear around there?

  3. Wow is there a bear round your parts? Yikes I'd be scared. We have lots of geese round here but I am not allowed near the ponds. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Thanks for answering our questions!

  5. I still says dat's a purrrty BIG pawprint. And whatever left it must be purrrrty BIG too. And I says....if it be BIGGER den me...I's outta dere!

  6. Woof! Woof! Well you are just like me ... I can be stubborn too. I guess every breed(dog) got stubbornness in them. Happy Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Way cool as always Hawk!

    SOmeone thought I was a Chesapeake the other day...I said Sure...that's OK ain't it?!


  8. I think the black panther scares me more than a bear! Be careful out there, Hawk.

  9. Hawk you really are a busy dog and as an independent thinker I'm sure you keep your own calendar...Just hope your peeps can keep up ;)

  10. That was a awesome questions answered blog. Sure looks like you had fun swimming with the gees.

  11. We love it when you answer all the questions Hawk! Have a great weekend!

  12. We love it when you answer all the questions Hawk! Have a great weekend!

  13. Hey, Hawk! Thanks for the follow-up!

  14. So it was a panther then, right? Thanks for answering my question, but you linked my name to the Cardis. Not a big deal. I love the two Cardis. But Maya and Pierson are jealous. ;)

  15. Yikes about that paw print, sure hope you don't run into the owner!

    Nice answer post :)

  16. I am behind ( Excellent FUF! Those darn geese don't know who they are messing with, do they Goose. I am sure you just wanted to smell the nest. :)