Friday, April 26, 2013

W is for What, Who, When, Where and Why?


Hi Y’all!


W is for “what”…lots of your questions begin with the word “what”…of course let’s not forget who, when, where and why…

Now let’s join Heart Like a Dog and do the Follow Up ‘cause it’s Friday.

We’ll go back to last week this time…and Gwen Gardner said, BrownDog likes to swim, doesn’t he? 

Here I come.

I love to retrieve and swim…heaven is when I get to swim to retrieve.

About the letter R…Goose asks WHAT are you looking at, Hawk?  or is there a gator?  Molly the Wally also asked WHAT I saw.  Molly wanted to know if I saw fish…



Actually, I’m smelling where the trespassers have been sitting.  The Egrets, Great Blue Herons and occasionally some buzzards like to sit on my pier…just checking to see WHO was here.  I do see fish breaking a lot, but I wasn’t paying any attention while I was investigating.

Flea asked why their wasn’t a sarcasm font when she stated “hooray for shedding”.


Gizmo asked if I had to hurry outside after my bath in the dirt and water to get some smells back on me…

What do y’all think?

Sam wants to know if I eat the figs.  He also asked WHAT they are and WHAT we do with them. 


This is one of two different kinds of fig trees we have.  I like to eat the figs that fall off the other tree…it is a different kind.  The figs make great preserves or you can bake with them…like figgy pudding…that’s a great holiday dessert.  Figs are really, really sweet if they are ripe. 

Oz wants to know how I know WHEN the figs are ripe.  Blueberry’s Human wants to know if I eat all the figs and Gizmo wants to know if I have a problem beating the birds to the figs.



When the figs fall off the tree onto the ground, I know they are ripe.  The Humans do have a problem trying to get a ripe fig before the birds eat a hole into them.  The Humans can pick them off the tree.  I eat as many figs as I can before my Human catches me and pulls me away. 

Goose asked me if my being “unique” was a hint of things to come. 


I’ll let y’all be the judge.

Clarissa said “unique is a wonderful quality isn’t it?

I think it is!

Heart Like a Dog wants to know, about my V’s needing homes, WHY and how anyone could abandon such beautiful souls…

Virgo, pictured above.

Vincent and below, Luke Vance

You can check out yesterday’s post or click on a picture or link to go to the individual’s Petfinder page. 

Sometimes our humans have no choice because circumstances conspire against them and they can no longer keep us.  Often we, pawed ones, never know the real story.

Now I must prepare for my weekend!  Have a great one y’all!

P1200004 Y’all come back now!









  1. OK now I am curious about "Unique".

  2. Great Q & A Hawk. For some reason we are chuckling over the coffee still. You check out your pier now and have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Thanks for answering our questions, Hawk! I can't imagine why anyone would want to abandon any dog. But, there is a lot of cruelty out there. Now I need to go and hug my dog.

  4. Woof! Woof! Hey I've never seen that red water toy. Is that new? Happy "W" Day! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  5. More fun answers from you and yeah some humans have to I suppoe

  6. Great follow up. Love the swimming pictures!

  7. Great way to cover the letter "W" today've hit all the bases :) Have a great weekend!

  8. Happy Weekend Hawk!! Great Follow-Up post. I hope you find some figs to eat soon. BOL
    *high paws*

  9. Oh, you KNOW when figs are ripe. There were fig trees all up and down the street when I was a kid. Nasty fruit. Maybe I didn't like them because the wasps always lived in the trees, eating the ripening fruit. Or maybe it's the texture. But they do make for good mock strawberry jam.

  10. As Always, the photos are Amazing!
    Sending hugs, kisses, howls, and endless piles of irresistible soft spring dirt, freshly dug up care of the hounds!XOXO from Dr. Mag, Jekyl, Charlie, and Savannah.

  11. Happy to meet you, Hawk. My two dogs and I dropped in from A-Z, and we're really happy we did.

  12. I love reading about what everyone asks. Thanks for these great updates!

  13. Thanks for joining us in FUF Hawk, you did a great job. I realize sometimes circumstances affect humans but I don't think there's anything in this world that I'd give me dogs up for. :-)