Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Meet Bella, Hear Her Tale


Hi Y’all!


Today I’d like to introduce Bella!



They say that Bella is a mix of Chessie and Springer Spaniel.  Bella has a warm friendly personality. 

Being a combination of hunting breeds, she needs an active home. Bella is 4 years old and weighs about 50 pounds.

She is good with dogs and good on leash. Bella loves all over body massages.  She puts her head in your lap asking for more…(hmmm…I do that too, but it rarely works for me…hmmm…) She loves to lay on furniture if you allow it.  (I’ve never had a chance to do that).

She enjoys a good game of fetch, but her favorite thing is playing with her dog toys or bones. 

Bella, being a hunting breed, likes to chase small animals such as birds, cats, squirrels, cats -- anything that runs.

Bella will "sit" on command and quickly learns rules. She can conveniently play "deaf" when need be but responds to positive reinforcement.

She can be possessive of her toys and bones. So the rescue recommends that “Bella go to a home with children over 10 who will allow her to have her space. She's a good dog just trying to find her place in the world of humans.”

Pet ID: A21193397 • House trained • Spayed/Neutered • Shots Current

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(all information and photo courtesy of Petfinder.com and Canyon County Animal Shelter)

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  1. We wish sweet Bella well. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. OH Good luck Bella! I wish you the best of luck!!! You are gorgeous!
    (((husky hugz))
    "love is being owned by a husky"

  3. Bella is a super looking dog. I'm sure there is a perfect home just waiting for her. I hope she finds it soon.

  4. She is a beauty! Hope she finds a nice human to love her soon! Will share.