Thursday, April 3, 2014

Come Closer




Hi Y’all!



What is the letter “c”?  It’s the 3rd letter of the alphabet.  It’s the 3rd day of the a to z challenge. 

This is also my world.  Come closer and learn more.



About Friday’s Fitness post

To Dog With Love “called out”...

My what nice teeth you have! Were you yawning or just talking in that photo!! Love your birthday toy. Looks like fun!
Diane and Rocco




You’d better believe that was talkin’!


Next we come to Sepia Saturday “Anybody for Soccer” and

M. K. Clinton “calls out”...

We are so glad for the spring, except for the thunderstorms and pollen! Do y'all live by a lake? Have a super Saturday!



We live on a small river feeding a major lake.  From our pier we can go down river to the inland waterway. 


Dina “calls out”...

What do you have in your mouth in the last pic?


That’s my birthday present, a ball on a string!


About Black and White Sunday 

Laika “called out”...

Did anyone join you for soccer :-D.
Have a great day.

sagechronicles “called out”...

Did the geese play soccer with you, Hawk? :D

Amy Boyer “called out”...

Hmm, did you have goose for dinner?






First, my Humans were playin’ with me, not the geese.  BOL!  (The geese might have been better players Winking smile)

Goose for dinner?  No.  We live in a wildlife protected habitat area.  These geese know I won’t harm them and neither will my Humans. 



M. K. Clinton “called out”...

Those geese are enormous! Have you been up to mischief, Hawk?


No, I didn’t chase the geese…I was a month late sharing my Awards from,

thank you again, Mika, Lexus, Koda and your Humans, Jenna and Mark.  I finally got around to sharing on Mischief Monday, “A Day Without Rules”. 

Then Sand Springs Chesapeakes “called out”

Great awards Hawk and well deserved and passed on to some great blogs. I see you have a heart tag on your collar, what does that mean? Wonderful pictures of your world. Have a great night.


The heart tag is an ID tag with one of those smart phone codes that, when scanned, takes you to all my contact info on the Internet. 


And finally about yesterdays post “Blossoms and Birds”


Oz theTerrier “called out”...

Excellent "B" for the challenge, Hawk! Look at all those even have a pair of cardinals. You know they can be nutty, right?!? The pair I had here last year used to knock on the sliding glass door ALL day. BOL Such pretty blossoms too. I hope that means Spring has landed!
*high paw*




I always thought they saw their reflection and thought it was another bird in their territory.  Come to think of it, that is a bit nutty!  BOL!


Nailah Bone “called out”

Wow! Looks like spring has sprung! :) By the way, what kind of flowers are those white ones?



I’m sorry to say that is one question I can’t answer.  There are a couple of large bushes beside the boat inlet that get red berries that the birds love.  My Human loves the buds and flowers. 

Come closer and enjoy my world…



Y’all hurry back now!








  1. Great catch up Hawk and we love seeing all your fabulous Spring pix. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love having a closer look at your world, Hawk! Beautiful photos and a great follow up to the week.

  3. Thanks so much for joining the hop! Love how everyone "called out". You are doing a great job with the A-Z challenge. :)

  4. Great photos today Hawk!!!

  5. Your azaleas are blooming! And those white blossoms might be crab apples. Mockingbirds LOVE the fruit. Hi Hawk!!!

  6. I love your world Hawk! We are city folk, which we love, but we enjoy seeing how the other half lives thanks for sharing! Love Dolly

  7. Clever way to get your "C" in there. Good to see you Hawk!

  8. Our cardinals are nutty too! I'm often sitting in my office working on the computer and hear strange noises coming from the kitchen. No, it's not the cats, it's those crazy cardinals knocking on the window!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  9. Great job for your letter C Hawk!! And thanks so much for the shout out again!!! I really appreciate it!!!
    Hope your having a good day!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  10. Hawk, you certainly live in a beautiful area and you are doing an amazing job with the A to Z challenge!

  11. What a great follow up Hawk, thanks for answering my question about the heart tag, I never seen those or known that smart phones could scan them, very cool. I feel like a dummy thou that I didn't know that bird with the funny feathers above his head was a cardinal. I know ducks and geese don't know little sputzy birds.