Monday, June 1, 2015

The Mischief Monday from Hell

Hi Y'all!

The Humans are off to lots of appointments today.  They have a busy time the next two weeks.

By the way, it's 7:30pm Sunday evening and still 90 degrees.   Just sayin'.  

Anyway, seems my Human is thinkin' of tryin' to migrate my blog to Wordpress.  Not sure how difficult a task this will be for a non-techy person with very little time to spare.  I can't post from any editor.  If my Human tries the work around, the photos don't go.  Since usually I post lots of photos, this is a problem.  When my Human tries to put my pics into the Blogger on line, it strips all the watermarking and framing off. 

There are hundreds of people complaining to Blogger of this problem.  They made a protocol change to sign in and Microsoft didn't change the protocol in Live Writer.   

This afternoon my Human couldn't find the Forum she was following about the problem.  It's like it vanished.   

For 9 years we've been using Live Writer and Blogger.  Now we're lost.  We're in a boat without an oar.

Oh, and I promised to tell you about my personal mischief last week that resulted in me sitting on my butt instead of romping down pier.  

It seems when my Human turned away to walk back up the pier I leaped into the water with the ducks, leaping toward them!  Of course they stood on their tails and flapped their wings at me.  Hearing the commotion my Human called me to her and ever since I have lost pier privileges.   

 Y'all hurry on back!


  1. Oh I guessed it... you said hello to Donald and Daisy Duck LOL :o) Maybe WP is a way to avoid this problems, it sometimes has some bugs too but at last I like it more than blogger ... and I knock on wood that the wordpress gremlin still sleeps and will not haunt me with some evil bugs :o)
    easy rider

  2. LOL, that sounds like fun mischief, but bummer on losing the pier privileges! Bummer on the problems with Blogger as well. (I haven't had problems with it... hopefully I won't! Because I don't think I'm techy enough to survive a switch the Wordpress!)

  3. We use wordpress and find it very user friendly. I would recommend the switch (I'm not techy myself and that does seem pretty daunting). Hope you humans work it out Hawk!

  4. Oh no! Mr. N was not listening to me on one of our hikes so I threatened him with the loss of off-leash privileges and he did shape up. He still gets leashed around horses though.

  5. Man, who could have resisted that?? Your human will forgive eventually, keep your tail on... Cole at not afraid of color

  6. Oh you poor thing you were just wanting to say hi to the ducks. I have wordpress and get along good with it, thinking about going to the paid one. Good luck with what you decide to do.

  7. Oh no much mischief around there. I hope blogger fixes your issue soon and I hope you get your pier privileges back too.

  8. Hawk, we never suspected you would get up to such mischief!
    I've always had Wordpress and like it. I find some other blogs on different editors difficult to comment on sometimes. I think WP is easiest, so good luck to your human if she decides to try it!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets