Sunday, August 30, 2009

Busy, busy month!!!!!

Hi Y'all! Woof woof, bow wow...!!! First chance I've had to write in awhile.

We had the annual big family get together and of course house guests! Out of town family was here...what fun! and lots of people "popping" in and out!!!

On Wednesday after the big get together (it lasts several days) we took our Colorado house guest back to the airport. She went back to her home and we went on east.

I was worn out from a week of trying to cheer her up after her recent Chessie cousin in Colorado was hers. I was sorry to drop her off to go home to her empty house. I think I really cheered her up when she was here. I hope, anyway.

We only stayed at the house at the water a little more than a week because it was too hot after the cool mountain temps. The humans had to get "stuff" taken care of before we could get back to the cool.

Back up here in the mountains it is 69 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny. We had quite a rain last night.

This morning I was so excited to get a BIG walk in town. I had to get the humans up early and keep them up to get my time in with them before church.

Lazing around this afternoon with cool breezes blowing in the windows. The sounds of crickets and birds blend with the rushing noise of the creek.

Woof! Bowwow! Have a great day y'all!!! Hawk

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