Saturday, September 5, 2009

Good days and bad. Hmmph!

Thursday was a great day! Got to go walk along the creek and play Frisbee. The day was perfect. The weather cool for this time of year.
Yesterday I was happy to stay home while the humans did whatever humans do when they leave and don't take us. My human mom baked after lunch, so I figured they'd be going somewhere without me and delivering goodies.
But later in the evening 2 of my favorite human friends came home with them. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself...It's tough when you weigh a hundred pounds to get excited and not knock somebody down!
After paying me lots of attention I was satisfied with my stuffed Kong and they went to the dining room to sample the baking mom had done. My Kong was finished first, so I decided to join them. But I couldn't help myself, instead of laying quietly like I'm supposed to do, I leaned against the man friend, who's a softy for dogs and started getting my ears rubbed. Dad gave Mom "the look" and Mom called me away and told me to lay down. I did, but I started barking at her, trying to tell her the man liked scratching my ears. She told me SHhhh! I kept barking. Soooo, she sends me to my room (my crate) and shuts the door!
I didn't get to come out until my human friends had gone home!
Was that fair????

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