Friday, September 11, 2009

Too Busy to Write!!!!!!!!!!

Wow...been too busy to write!! Walkin' and playin'!!

Monday was a human's holiday. They call it Labor Day??? Whatever! The humans had guests over...all dog people! Great fun!!! They even played with me!!! Whoopie!!!

Tuesday we went to the next town. It poured rain, but we squeezed in a walk in the park on the return trip!!! Ride and walk!!! My favorite thing!!

Wednesday we did our walk along the creek and played with my AirDog toy. My favorite thing!!

Thursday was another walk in the park and played again!!! There was a ride across the mountain. The Mountain Ash is heavy with berries.

Friday, today, was back to the creek for a nice walk then the humans left me home to go off and celebrate my human mom's birthday... But I didn't mind...I was ready to sleep the afternoon away after all the excitement, hustle and bustle of the week!!!!

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