Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Hi Y’all!

One of my Blog friends is named Murphy!   Y’all might remember meetin’ him last week.     This week he told his friends about all of his favorite places!  He made me stop and think about some of mine.  They aren’t as excitin’ as his. 

First, I’d have to say here at the mountain house is my “most favorite” for several reasons.

Clearing   Of course when it’s cold like now…

If that crazy woman doesn't make me go outside again, I'll just stay here and doze all day. 

My next favorite is the farm ‘cause of all the neat scents I can run and explore. 

Checking things out   Then there is the shore…it gets cold there too, but not like here in the mountains…we get to do lots there when here we’re snowed in.      I get to ride in the golf cart.  I also get to enjoy swimming.   .  The waterfront on a foggy morning walk.  Water, water everywhere and a Chessie in his glory!

Hawk on the end of the pier checking a scent.Finally there is my favorite place to explore and hike…Running for joy. 

Stopping to watch some birds.    Here we can hike for

Hawk exploring in late March.miles…However, because of snakes and gators I have to respond to the whistle instantly. Full speed ahead! 

So Murphy, those are a few of my most favorite things and places.  


  1. Wow! Hawk has beautiful scenery for hikes and exploring! Love the photo in front of the fireplace :)

  2. WOWZERS! You live in a really cool place! So many fun things to do!

  3. My labs are SO jealous of the shore and swimming that you can do!!! It looks like you have a blast at the mountain house. I see why it's one of your favorite places!

  4. That's such a nice place and you get to do so many exciting things !
    We'd love to ride in a golf cart !
    Best wishes to you and your family for a happy and safe Christmas.
    God bless you.

  5. Wow those pictures of you on the dock are amazing! Beautiful area you live in.

  6. Nothing beats a nice fire or a dock to jump off of :)