Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

   It’s time to think about all our special friends who aren’t as lucky as we are…like Sandy in the above picture. Sandy’s family had to give him up because of housing concerns.  So here we all are, getting our presents and sharing in the family excitement of this special time of the year.  Sandy is lucky to be with a foster family, not in doggie jail.  But it isn’t the same as having your own special family and know you will be together the rest of your life. 

Sandy is a six year old dead grass female Chessie currently being fostered in Martinez, Georgia.  Small for a Chessie, she weighs only about fifty pounds.  She is neutered and up to date on her shots.  She is heart worm negative. 

Don’t worry she is housetrained and likes children and other dogs.   Sandy likes water and chasing balls and sticks.  She also likes to cuddle and sleep on the bed. 

Sandy is a good watch dog.  She alerts you by barking and growling until she knows who has arrived…then it’s all loving.  Sandy is also selective who she kisses.

If you are interested in meeting Sandy or learning more about her, click on her picture or her name and you will be transported to her page on the CBR Rescue site


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  1. What a great looking Chessie, it is terrible that she has to be looking for a new home. Tell her to keep her standards up, don't settle for just anything.

    Mogley G. Retriever