Friday, July 1, 2011

Breed Bans - Do You Own a Golden or Lab?


Hi Y’all!

Here I am with the ball I picked off the tree.  (See Wednesday’s post)

Okay, fun’s over!  This is a serious discussion!  Did you know that there are 75 breeds on the Banned/Restricted breed list? 

I was reading the article posted by Pawcurious about the data showing that breed specific legislation is a waste of money.  It also costs many sweet companion dogs their lives. (click on Pawcurious or here to go to article)

So, after finding out there are 75 breeds, I went to check it out (here) and on this forum (here)

Hey there Kol!  your breed is on the list!  (Well, at least the Pug part.) Mogley, your breed, Golden Retriever, is on the BSL!  Labrador Retrievers are on the BSL list and that includes the ones being trained as guide and assistance dogs .  Remington, your breed, Newfoundland, is on the list as is the St Bernard and Great Dane. 

Please go check out the info. 



  1. Holy Dog! I'm banned? I wonder where? Jeepers, I sure wanna make sure I don't go THERE on vacation! You know, I often get asked if I a a bully baby. People seem to think I am a pitty puppy since I am still so small and not everyone believes Mama when she corrects them! *BSL is scary stuff!*

  2. Love that picture of Hawk with the "ball" he

    Don't get me started on BSL and other equally stupid legislation regarding breeders and breeding. As always when overreaction (and government) is involved, the good get swept up with the bad.

  3. BSL is such a nightmare. All four of my dogs show up on breed restriction lists. We're lucky that we live in VA where counties can't enact BSL unless the entire state does. We've already discussed that if it ever happens, we're moving!

  4. Thanks for the heads up! We may have to have a dye job so we look like another breed. Except we can't find one that isn't on the list.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  5. Geemines! I have to check this out!
    (Love the photo of you with the 'ball'.)

  6. Jumpin' there any other dogs left to choose from? This seems excessive and "naziish" for a lack of a better word!

  7. Hi Hawk!
    Thanks for a most illuminating post with terrific links - we looked at 'em all. Have seen a few references around the bloggies, but wasn't fully informed - you did a great service here!!! Kudos to you!
    Hugs xoxoxo
    Sammie, Avalon and ozzie

  8. Most of Blogville is on that list!! BoL!!!

  9. Hi Hawk! I'm a bit late to the party (still catching up from the holiday weekend) but I wanted to say thanks for spreading the word about BSL. Both Buster and Ty are also on the list - and it makes me sick.

  10. Thank you so much for writing this. You are doing a great and good service for all who read this . Be proud of the love for him that you express.
    Life's Abundance