Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bo, Bozerific!


Hello there!   I’m Bo. I’m a retriever mix.  I have a badly damaged leg.  My owners let the leg heal until the bone fused, but when the wound never healed they dumped me at a kill shelter.





The first thing my foster mom did was take me to a vet.  They were afraid my leg would have to be amputated.  When the vet x-rayed it, they found BB pellets in my leg.  I was putting weight on my leg but I limped.  The vet decided that my leg didn’t need to be removed now.  That could change later in life if I start having a lot of pain, but I hope not.

My foster mom has my leg almost completely healed!  The wound is almost completely closed.  

I’m trying to run and play with the family dogs.  Everyone marvels and how quickly I move!!! 

My foster mom says I am sweetest dog and it brings tears to her eyes when she thinks that I could have been sent over the rainbow ‘cause I have a bum leg. 

My foster mom says families look “long and hard” for dogs with my sweet temperament.  I love everyone.  I’d love to crawl into my families laps and snuggle, but they don’t think it’s a good idea ‘cause I weigh 80 lbs.

I’m not sure, but I think I’m about 2 or 3 in human years.  I’m housetrained and crate trained.  I really don’t need the crate.  My foster parents lets me sleep on a dog bed next to their bed at night.

My best buddies are the kids that live here.  But I love everyone!.

My name is Bo, but that call me Bozo when I’m being silly.  They also call me Bozerific!

I’m still shedding my winter and I have a beautiful coat coming in.  Everyone remarks on my beautiful color.

If you’re looking for a running buddy, I’m afraid I’ll never be a good running buddy for you.  If you want a great companion and best friend, I’m your boy!  You’ll forget I have a bad leg!

If you’re interested in having me become part of your family, please click here to visit my Petfinder Page.  You’ll find all the contact information and costs.


JRs Pups-n-Stuff, Brookfield, WI




  1. Bo, what a story you have. I hope you find your safe, forever soon.

  2. Bo, I will be keeping my paws crossed that you find your loving forever home! Take care my friend!
    Lotsa licks
    Casper Bear

  3. Bo we hope you find a great forever home with people who love to snuggle and play.

    -Katy & Bailey