Monday, May 7, 2012

Summer Is Here


This is more like a fox path.  I don’t think you Humans can get through here.

Don’t worry, I’ll meet you on the other end.

Good thing y’all didn’t try to follow!

It’s hot! 

Mud puddles are good for cooling the paws.

Sure good to be home coolin’ out.

What do you mean “check me for ticks”? 

Y’all come back now!









  1. It was a beautiful day here, too!

    Elka had some mud to play in as well, but it dried off by the time we walked home. No ticks either, that I've found yet (knock wood)!

  2. Hawk we have a kindred spirit. I love to go through the thick stuff, just love it.
    And you know what, that MOM of mine most of the time will follow me when we are in the mountains, sometimes crawling on the ground. She is silly that way. But we sure have found some great fishing holes that way in streams.

  3. Eww, ticks?! You sure look comfy once you got to cool off. Have a great day!

  4. I was thinking - wow, must be great to go to such lovely places... until I got to ticks. Ick! :P

  5. Hopefully you were tick free after that great outing! I love the picture of you cooling off in the house! You are a looker Hawk! :-)

  6. What a perfect day!
    Well ~ except fer the "tick thing"...


    Your new bud,


  7. Love that last picture. Ah yes that time of year again to check for those nasty bugs!

  8. I think I need a nap from looking at your pictures! It did look mighty hot! Paws crossed you didn't have any sister had one today and it was not fun watching dad get it off of her!


  9. Oh man...Can you send a memo to us about summer?!?!? We are barely getting some spring here. BOL! Either way it looks like you had a blast. Just keep cool. ;)
    ~Weinerful Life~

  10. Stay cool Hawk! The ticks are going to be real bad this year.

  11. Love that last pic! Apache likes to prop his head up on things too. Usually using my foot or a pillow and sometimes the legs on my chair.

  12. What a great place to walk and enjoy such beautiful greenery. Summer? We are still waiting for spring in these parts. :( Thanks for sharing your beautiful outing. :)

  13. summer arrived at our house too

    Stop on by for a visit

  14. Hey Hawk,

    That looks like fun buddy - if I went through there I'd be checked for sure with all my fur!!


    Your pal Snoopy :)