Friday, June 22, 2012

Fun Friday’s Q & A Time!


Hi Y’all!

Time to go back and answer your questions.

The first question I’ll address is from Haopee from My Dogs Love Me.  She asks “aren’t rhododendrons bad for dogs?”  Yes, Haopee, according to the ASPCA poison control center all parts of the rhododendron are toxic.  They contain a neurotoxin, grayantoxin.  They work to poison the nerve cells in the body. 

But don’t y’all worry, I don’t eat plants and because of my allergies the Humans watch me like a hawk, no pun intended.

Elka’s human, Jen asked what the flowers are.  They are Catawba Rhododendron which are native to the eastern mountains from Virginia to Georgia.

Dawn, from Pet Auto Safety wants to know where this is. 

This is located in the clouds on the Appalachian trail in the southern Blue Ridge mountains. 

Thunder, Storm and Freighter asked if the flowers smell as good as they look.  Yep!  Flowers are fun to smell too.

Haopee at My Dogs Love Me asks if this is what spring brings?  Yep, it means lots of pretty flowers!

Thunder, Storm and Freighter asked if that is an ant on the flower?  Yep, it does appear to be a tiny ant. 

Dawn at American Dog Blog asked if I checked out the woodpile?  Actually I didn’t.  Guess I should have.  Sounds like I may have missed something exciting.

Scrappy asks, isn’t summer fun?  You bet Scrappy!  Lots to do and Humans willing to do it with me!

Back on June 9 the post titled Sunny Saturday, Goose asked me why I wasn’t allowed past this spot.  I don’t recall answering Goose’ question, so I will today.

If you look beyond the house in this next picture, you’ll see a road.  Since I’m on a mountain and putting a fence in requires drilling into the rock, I only have a small fenced area.  The main part of the yard is not fenced.  I have boundaries and the Human enforces the boundaries.  The above corner is one boundary. 

Let me know if I missed answering your question. 

Y’all come back now!




  1. Great questions, great answers. I wanna come and walk the apalacian trail now

  2. Thanks for the great answers. I like the last picture. Looks like you are doing a good stretch before playing with your Wubba. Have a great weekend Hawk, I know you will.

  3. Oh WOW! Great questions from everyone and I learned alot just stoppin' by again. Beautiful place you have there and oh - the flowers - are already in full bloom. Ours are barely getting going here.

    Great post, Hawk!

  4. We have rhododendrons in our front yard and Mama gets all snarly when I even look at them sideways, so I know exactly what you mean by "boundaries"Hawk. I just love all the pretty photos in your posts!

  5. Love your pretty orange flowers!!!

  6. Nice post Hawk! Have a happy Friday!
    Best wishes Molly

  7. Wow, does your human list all the questions? If not, she probably has a great memory!

    By the way, you look extremely... pretty in that last picture. I mean were you being called or is this like an "I'm ignoring Wubba octopus" pose?

    Huggies and Cheese,


  8. It's SO beautiful there! Um...Blueberry just tapped me with her paw and asked if she could live with you instead. Very hurtful, but hey, I can't really blame her.

  9. Thanks for answering our questions. :) It sure is pretty there.