Friday, May 17, 2013

Follow Up!


Hi Y’all!



Slightly UnSIVILized asked if we watched “Duck Dynasty”…



I’m not familiar with “Duck Dynasty” other than the ones pictured above.  Tell me about it…


JoAnn Stancer asked about the banded goose…


Yes, this was a recent one…it came through late after the migration.   However, the one below must have married a local, since it’s been here for several years now.




Parker asked if I knew what he meant when he says “you can never have too many things to chew on”.



I do enjoy a good chew now and again…


Goose asked “did you get to keep it?” and “why is some dog in your yard leaving their stuff?”  Heart Like a Dog also asked “who would leave something like a rawhide in your yard?”

001Mum asked “who would leave such a treasure?” and suggested a trade? 

Misty Shores Chesapeakes also asked if I got to keep “it”. 



No I didn’t get to keep it.  My Human looked at it and thought it was disgusting…As to why some dog is leaving stuff…there isn’t any real fence, so dogs can come through the hedge or swim around by water. 

Oh, and I know all about trading!  I have my Human trained pretty well in that department!


Sugar wanted to know “what’s up the tree?”

Heart Like a Dog had 2 questions…one I’ve answered…and the other “what’s up the tree?”

JoAnn Stancer wanted to know if there was a bird up the tree…





Look very closely at my mouth, y’all…


Look very closely at the ball at my paw…



BZ Dogs wanted to know what’s the Winona doing up a tree? 

Ah…I’ve got a question for y’all…what’s a Winona?  I thought it was a city…What’s a city doing up my tree?

Adventures of a Dog Mom wanted to know if I was out adventuring. 


It’s my favorite path, my Humans favorite too!  When I get too warm from running I just run into the water for a few minutes!



001Mum asked about the fan on my crate…and JoAnn Stancer asked about the water bottle…


Here’s the link to the fan at Gun Dog Supply. The fan uses batteries. 

It seems there is a better water bottle now than the one I have…of course mine is old…

Lixit No-Drip Waterer for Crates - 44 Ounce Model DW-44

It is a Lixit No Drip…follow this link to Gun Dog Supply…

Photo courtesy of Gun Dog Supply.











Y’all come back now!












  1. Hey Hawk! Wow! You filled us in on all kinds of information!! Love your neck of the is beautiful there!! Happy Friday! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Great Q&A Hawk. Enjoy all your greenery. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Great follow up - always enjoy your photos so much! And isn't Hawk always off on some adventure?! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. Those neck bands on the geese do not look comfortable - thank heavens no one is banding Chessies in their natural habitat! That could really get in the way of a guy climbing trees to retrieve his ball :-)

  5. Pawesome Follow-Up Friday Hawk! Glad you had such a fun-filled week. Have a great weekend.
    *high paws*

  6. Excellent Follow-up and wonderful pictures. Have a nice weekend.

  7. super fuf! that is so cool the goise is from this year. i have sime bands like that on my cofee table. thanks for the link for the water bottle. great pis. have a great weekend

  8. Beautiful follow-up Hawk, thanks for joining the hop.

    I'm assuming your human threw the ball and it landed in a tree? LOL I throw like that myself.