Friday, November 1, 2013

Friday’s Follow Up on Fun and Fitness


Hi Y’all!



“Who is a better runner? You or the human?”
--Slimdoggy asked about last Friday’s post. 



Hmmm…I run circles around my Human!  I can let her get a lap ahead, pass her and return again and pass her a second time…does that mean I’m better or she’s just slow? 


On Black and White Sunday’s post


Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

“More egrets Hawk?”


SlimDoggy said...

“Hi Hawk. I hope you have a great Sunday. You going to chase that egret?”


Janet Keefe said...

Uh-oh, were you stalking those birds, Hawk?”


We have lots of egrets here at the shore.  Lots of herons, all types of herons too.  Some of y’all may remember that I’m not allowed to chase the birds.  I live in a wild life preserve so birds are protected and cannot be hunted.


I do stop and sit or stand motionless when I spot a bird so my Human can photograph them.


On Mischief Monday I complained about our Internet connection at the shore.  It’s supposed to be high speed DSL, but it might as well be dial up according to my Human.


Oz theTerrier said...

“No mischief, Hawk? What is going on over there? This is so unlike you! And grrrrrr, our internet has been blinky all weekend. I just want to grab it in my teeths and give it a terrier shakedown!

If the terrier shakedown works will you come by and fix my internet, Oz?



Gee Golly Miss Molly!   You asked about my Wordless Wednesday post…

Molly The Wally said...
     “Is that a storm you got there Hawk? We just had a biggy on Monday morning. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly



This was mist rising from the water on a chilly morning.  As the sun, you can see it starting to brush the tops of the trees, climbed higher and the air warmed, it burned the mist off. 

Kind of looks like the water is on fire doesn’t it?


On yesterday’s post

SlimDoggy said...

“Hey Hawk, Happy Halloween! You're looking pretty good - the 'calorie reduction' working? Looks like it”


What do y’all think?  Am I trimmin’ down?  Tuckin’ up?


Y’all come back now!

















  1. Great follow-up Hawk, thank you for joining the hop!! I think you look like you've lost some weight, you are looking good!!

    As always, your photos are beautiful. Have a great weekend.

  2. Love that first mist shot! We've had incredible fog (and rain) lately, but it's been too dark to get good picture. Have a great weekend!

  3. Great wrapup Hawk...Love the mist on the water...You have a great weekend

  4. That mist on the water is pretty cool...I really like it. I do think you are looking fit...tucking up as you say. good job!

  5. A whole week of blogs in one blog. Thanks for the update

  6. Your looking handsome as always hawk.

  7. You are looking good, Hawk! I am glad you were not going to chase those were just showing your Mom, what a good dog you are!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  8. Great follow up! I've missed out lately so it's great to catch up. Love all those photos. And yes, I think you have trimmed down a bit. Good job! :)

  9. You always look great Hawk. It is very nice of you to stop and stand still so your people can take pictures of the birds.