Monday, November 18, 2013

Mischief, Not ME!


Hi Y’all!



Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend and that, if you were in that evil weather area, you are all safe and well.  My paws are crossed for all those in the path of those horrible storms. 


Coming down our road, P1290808we saw a red pick up truck stopped and a man standing in the road holding a tracking antenna. Since it’s a one lane road they had to back the pickup until they could get off of the road without dropping into a ditch or tumbling off the side. 

My Human Papa looked at the kennels in the back of the pickup and the tracking antenna and said “bear hunters”. 


 My Humans kept me on a “short leash” so to speak.  My Human Mama didn’t know if the bear dogs might be close or if a bear trying to flee might be near.  This area is privately owned farmland, but dogs and bears wouldn’t know that.  And just at the road the hunters were tracking their dogs.


I got lots of recall practice, since as soon as my Human couldn’t spot me against the leaves she blasted the whistle. 

The Humans cut our outing short.


Y’all come back now!















  1. We think that was a very smart move!! Yikes!! We wouldn't want you to be mistaken for a BEAR!! We hope everyone is safe from the storms has been very scary! xo Chloe and LadyBug

  2. Yikes dogs hunting bears...are they used to flush them out??
    Have a marvellous Monday Hawk.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. We were lucky, the storms went north and south of us. We didn't get tornadoes in Michigan, but lots of downed trees and power outages.

    Too bad your outing was cut short. It is that time of year when we stay out of the woods.

  4. Better to be safe than sorry. They hunt bears with collars on them???

  5. Bear hunters? Oh my dog. I didn't know you had bears by you, Hawk. I don't blame your parents for keeping you on the "short leash" when bear hunting dogs and people are around. Glad you stayed safe!
    *high paws*

  6. we have been sending all our love to the people affected by the storms

    Stop on by for a visit

  7. Well, better to be safe than sorry - stay away from those bears!

  8. That is really scary! I'm glad your humans are on the ball and kept you close!

  9. Bear hunters? Will you tell us more about bear hunters in another post? That sounds interesting. I take it they aren't hunting Winnie The Pooh.

  10. I think cutting the walk short sounds very smart! You don't want to get mixed up with the hunters!

    What kind of bears? Brown bears?

  11. We pups never like our outings to be cut short, but I think that was a really smart move this time. That's a really scary time to be in the woods.

  12. I didn't know dogs were (still?) used to hunt bears. Maybe you need an orange vest just so you're not mistaken for one!

  13. Bears can be mean when challenged so glad you are safe and your humans are watching you closely. Great pictures.

  14. I'm glad you were safe buddy!!

    Wags to all,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  15. We would of cut our walk short too! Glad you stayed safe!

  16. Wow, Hawk, you are impressive. We read about how your mom trains you, and saw pics of her with horses, and you as captain of a boat! Bears and bear-tracking dogs sound so scary. We are brave in New York City! We are not trained very well, mom says. We can do kiss, sit, look and stay. We don't have much of a recall. We are only on leash or a fenced-in dog run. Mom is looking for a trainer for (her) and us. She used to do clicker training with some poodles she had a long time ago. She told us that they were something called "geniuses." All our love, Livvie and Kessie from

  17. Good idea to keep you on a short leash. Sorry you walk was cut short.

  18. Yikes! That sounds kind of scary. Hope that your walks can go back to normal after this one!

  19. We have to be careful around here during hunting seasons too, there are places we usually walk that we won't until it's over. We don't have as many bear hunters, but a lot of deer hunters here in NH. Glad you stayed safe!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets