Thursday, March 27, 2014

I Hear You Barkin’!


Hi Y’all!



Grits seem to be a love hate subject. 

Flea said...

Good night Irene, Hawk! You've covered a lot today! I love the geese. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE grits! Had some with eggs just yesterday. And plenty of salt. Why do grits seem to need so much salt?

Christie laverie said...

Eww shrimp and grits...EWWW!!!
What does shrimp and grits taste like??? Eww....
Anyway I love the photo of the cardinal and the flower. Those are my favorite pics in this post!
Have a good day with your shrimp and grits......ew..MOL
❀Siamese Smothers❀Happiness is Siamese!




Grits can be as salty, or not, as you like.  Usually it is what you add to your grits that determines the saltiness. 

Grits can taste like whatever you like. Sometimes we have cheese grits, and the cheese taste dominates, so you pick a cheese you like to melt into the grits.  Sometimes my Human Papa makes something he calls “red eye gravy” that makes grits more of a supper than breakfast.  You can just salt and pepper them, add eggs and bacon or any single or combination of things you want. 


I had an interesting comment about the Dokken…

Janet Keefe said...

Great post, Hawk, I think you answered all of our questions! Now, I had never heard of a Dokken or who it was named after, except there used to be a rock band called Dokken. I wonder if that was where their name came from too? I might have to look that up! :)
Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets



Now that’s one I can’t answer!  ???


I got this comment, question about the squirrel…


LetterstoAndrew said...

What a great recap Hawk and thanks for clearing up what the squirrel was eating. So the hawks will come down and gobble up squirrels?
Thanks for joining the blog hop! Happy Thursday!!



Hawks fly over and scream to scare anything from field mice to rabbits and squirrels into running for cover.  Birds freeze their position and most animals do also.  If a hawk spots any movement he’ll dive on the spot and snatch the unlucky critter.  Chicken hawks are smaller hawks and are known to prey on birds.


Friday’s post “My World” brought these comments…

Jenna,Mark Drady said...

Hope all is well with you, and that your vet app was routine?
That horse is beautiful!!!! I have had a love for horses my whole life. owned 2 of them when I was younger.
Have a great weekend.
ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

Tenacious Little Terrier said...

Did you have fun saying hi to all the other animals?


I think everyone knows how the vet appointment went.  My eye is still bothering me, but my Human has doubled down on my allergy pills and is giving me extra eye ointment at night.  The mean scale we don’t discuss.  I just keep dieting. 








I love stoppin’ and talkin’ to the animals!  They like it when we come to see them too.


About “My World in Black and White”…

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Is that you? It seems that you are running fast. Have a wonderful Sunday. Happy Black n White Sunday. Golden Woofs

Earl Lover said...

Is that you? I can't really make it out that well, but lovely scenery, we love long grass to run in, BOL!
Lots of Woofs from Earl and I at Earls World!

Emma said...

Wow, did you get a new groomer??? Mom loves that picture, she loves those animals!

Christie laverie said...

MOL! At first I thought it was YOU!!
What even is it? A donkey? A llama? So lost Hawk, so lost. MOL!
Have a pawsome day!
❀Siamese Smothers❀Happiness is Siamese!

Daisy's Mom said...

Um Hawk? Did a wicked witch come and turn you into a donkey? Cuz you're looking mighty strange today. I mean the fur is similar, but my what a big snout you have!

M. K. Clinton said...

Is that a burro? Really cool picture. Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!





The only groomin’ I get is a brushin’ and occasional bathing.  I don’t think my nose is as big as theirs either. 

These four legged critters are donkeys or burros, since the two terms are interchangeable.  The male donkey is a jack and the female a jenny.  The baby donkey is a foal. 


About our Wordless Wednesday post…

Amber DaWeenie said...

That's really neat! Hap-Pee Belated Birthday, Hawk! Got cake????




Love Is Being Owned by a Husky thrilled me with a birthday picture…which I shared on Wordless Wednesday. 

Don’t I look so neat in a hat!?  (and I didn’t even have to wear it for real)

Sorry, no cake…my Human says it’s not on my diet.  I did have a really fun day!

Thanks for all the birthday wishes!


Y’all hurry back now!







  1. Great re-cap Hawk and we so agree, don't mention the D word. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Love it, more donkey pics! Sorry, I think I missed your birthday. I will bake up a zero calorie bacon cake for you to make up for the oversight! Have a great day!

  3. Poor Hawk... no birthday cake :-( And grits? YUM! We ALL love grits at our house! The dogs start drooling when they smell them cooking.

  4. Thanks so much for joining the hop. I am behind reading again. I always forget that Hawk is a couple of weeks younger than Thunder. Hope you had a happy birthday Hawk! Diets are no fun!

  5. That birthday picture is an awesome gift! Hope you had a great one and that your eye stops bugging you soon!

  6. Hi Hawk! I didn't know you had been to the vet, & I am sorry to hear you have allergies (so do I). Have you heard of Apoquel? I wrote a post about it earlier this month, its a new allergy drug for dogs, suppose to be very good. Also, I can recommend a great shampoo for your itchies if you're interested. Love Dolly Pees: What kind of diet are you on? Have you seen the Hills Pet metabolic food giveaway?

  7. Happy belated birthday, Brown Dog ;)

  8. I had to google "grits" - I'd never heard of it!
    The photographs are beautiful.

  9. We hope you had a wonderful birthday, Hawk! All the pups are so upset that you didn't get any cake!!!

  10. Thanks for answering our questions as always Hawk! And I am SO glad you liked your card!!! I appreciate you sharing it twice! And giving me a shout out while your at it. I really appreciate it! And we worked hard on your glad, so again, so happy you enjoyed it!!!! ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  11. Well, I guess I stumped you with my rock band reference. That probably only means that your Mom is far younger than I am!
    I did look it up, and it turns out one of the band members also had the last name "Dokken". Not a very common name though I'd say!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  12. Great follow up. Hope you eye gets better soon. Such lovely pictures.

  13. Awesome post. Thanks for joining the blog hop.

    I love, love, love grits and mostly just eat them with butter and salt, and occasionally cheese. :-)

    Thanks for answering my question about the squirrels. We have a few hawks around me but I've never seen them in action. I'm not really sure I want to either. I can be a bit squeamish. ;-)