Tuesday, March 11, 2014




Hello, I’m Scmitty.



I’m housetrained, up to date on all my shots and I’ve had the “big snip snip”. 

I’ve been a family dog my whole life.  I love other dogs and kids.  And, if you care, I’m a pure bred Chesapeake Bay Retriever.

Something must have happened to my family ‘cause they were going to have to leave me at a doggy jail.  Then these nice folks at Hemlock Edge Rescue did just that!  They took me in!  Isn’t that amazing!

Shmitty mar 10 2014

I have only one wish, to be part of my own family again.  I’m so sure I’ll fit in I’m even willing to go home with you for a trial to prove how great a fellow I am!  I’ll obey your commands and play with your kids.  I’ll enjoy the companionship if you have other dogs. 

Shmitty mar 10 2014 runningPlease come meet me and give me a chance to be part of your family!


(all information and photos courtesy of Petfinder.com and Hemlock Edge Rescue)











  1. Oh Scmitty you are super cute, will share and hope you find a home super fast.

  2. What a beautiful dog! Sure hope he finds his furever home soon!! I will share too!!

  3. Oh hey, Schmitty. If this is the case, then I'm sure you'll find a home in no time.

  4. Oh, he looks like such a big sweetie!! Hope he finds his home very soon!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  5. I sure a family will give that sweetheart a home a.s.a.p.! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  6. aww!!! Paws crossed that your wish comes true! Sooner then later!!! Gorgeous pup!
    Thanks for sharing!

    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  7. I will never understand how anyone could leave their dog at a shelter? It is just so sad. Scmitty is gorgeous. I hope somebody finds him and gives him a home real soon. Sharing.

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