Friday, July 18, 2014

The Parade of Toys, Keep Exercise Interesting


Hi Y’all!




Today Slim Doggy, Peggy’s Pet Place and To Dog With Love are our hosts in Fit Dog Friday blog hop!

I’m also parading in the Pet Parade Blog Hop hosted by Rascal and Rocco and co-hosted by Jan's Funny Farm, Basil the Bionic Cat, Barking from the Bayou, and Love is being Owned by a Husky!



On Mischief Monday

Emma said...

Congratulations on your awards. Is that green ring one of your favorite toys these days? Seems like you two are inseparable.




If you want to keep your pawed friend interested in exercising and aren’t varying the location, vary the toys! 

If we’re just playing, I get to pick my own toy.  As I already pointed out, my Human says I’m “fickle”.



My Human likes to vary the play exercise with short obedience practice. 




Some places don’t work so well for the Humans.  My Human got a tick on her and that ended out hike before it ever started.  What say, I tell her to put a dose of that anti-flea tick stuff on herself?




Yep, I’m in there!




Besides the field was filled with timothy hay.  I’m allergic to timothy. 



Y’all come by now!









  1. I will tell it to my humans that they have to vary my toys... think that means they have to buy more, hehe. I hope your human could remove that evil tick completely and you have no problems now because of that timothy hay.

  2. Our pups have a lot of toys (not spoiled!) and I rotate them. That way they think they always have new toys. I leave their favorites always out.

    Monty and Harlow

  3. Looks like a good game of hide and seek!

  4. Mom only rotates our holiday toys. She puts them away with each holiday's decorations and it always seems like we are getting a whole new set of toys when she decorates for that holiday.

    We told you before that isn't being fickle, it is normal to get something you like and enjoy it. Why play with a toy you aren't interested in. Our humans don't randomly pick up stuff to use in the house just to say they are preventing boredom. They play with what they enjoy.

  5. What a beautiful poochie! I love the hide-and-seek picture. My golden used to love to play around in tall grass like that. To make it more interesting, I'd crouch down behind the grass and call him. He'd always come running and find me right away -- that nose could pick up anything.

  6. Love the parade of toys! We rotate our toys too. Keeps it fun!
    Diane and Rocco

  7. Hide and seek games are always fun. On long hikes we used to let Damien get ahead of us then hide behind a tree and call him. That hound would come running back and was rewarding with tasty treats when he found us. So much fun!

  8. Yay! What fun!!!! My huskies are picky when it comes to their toy. Silly pups! Thanks for linking up to the pet parade!
    ღ husky hugz ღ frum our pack at Love is being owned by a husky!

  9. Oh, no, not a tick! Yes, we do like a little variety in our play. Thank you for reminding humans. :)

  10. Please post a video of you putting Frontline on your mom! We love variety at our house. We feel bad for those dogs that have to walk the same route day in and day out.

  11. I see you I see you, I hope that timothy hay doesn't make you sneeze. I don't like ticks either.

  12. It looks like you have a wide choice of toys to choose from! Did you help your mom get the tick off? Those little vampire bugs are nasty!

  13. We like to vary the toys here too. It keeps the old toys looking new by putting them away for a while. Did you get an allergic reaction to timothy, Hawk?

  14. We try to change up the toys Prince plays with but Nadie doesn't really play with toys. We have been changing up our walking route because the dogs were getting set in the routine. At first they were not happy with the change but now they are getting used to it and look forward to finding out where we will go today!

  15. Ticks=yuck! I spotted you in that one picture, but then I have experience!