Monday, June 27, 2011

Award Monday!


Hi Y’all!


Today I am so lucky!

I was once more honored to receive an award.

The Versatile Blogger Award was presented to me by Sawyer the Schnauzer! (Here)

The rules are simple.

The rules for accepting this award are to:
1. Share 7 facts about me
2. Pass the award on to 15 new, or newly discovered, bloggers.



Today I will share 7 facts about me.

1.  I don’t like snow.  It’s cold and gets in the pads of my feet.

2.  The endless swimming pool has alligators and snapping turtles in it.  I only go swimming when my Human gives me the okay. 

3.  I spend the hottest part of the summer and early autumn in the mountains. 

4.  The other day my Human thought I was looking for a place to potty, but I’d found a funny hard thing in a hollow spot.  Curious to see what it was, I kept nudging it.  Suddenly it stuck it’s big beak like head out and snapped.  It almost got my nose!  Then it scurried off into the water. 

5.  The Humans put sulphur around to keep the snakes away. 

6.  Here at the shore we have copperheads and cotton mouths and rattlesnakes plus a host of non- poisonous ones.  Alligators and snapping turtles keep us on the alert. There are also areas with wild pigs and turkey.

7.  In the mountains we have to watch for rattlesnakes and copperheads.  We also have black bear, wild pigs, bobcats and coyote.  They say there are panther.  We’ve heard the chilling human like screams, but never seen one.  There are also wild turkey. 

It’s really late and I’m tired.  I have to be up to get my Human going in the morning.  I’ll have to ask y’all to wait until tomorrow for the bloggers to whom I’m passing the award.




  1. That is a whole lot of creepy right outside your door. I think I'd be afraid to leave the house!! You are one brave dog, Hawkeye. Congratulations on your award. We love reading your blog.

  2. Wow, that is a ton of things you have to watch for. My vickie would go nuts on a walk if she had to watch for all that.

    You are very brave.


  3. You are so brave. Mom would never let us outside with the snakes and alligators.

  4. Man Hawk, everything in your world is an adventure! You are pretty brave to face down those turtles (we're glad you got to keep all of your snooter).
    We get a couple here and the daddy always has to relocate them cause my brother Hannibal starts drooling....which only means that the big dopey moose thinks they are a snackum!

    Sugar the Who

  5. WOWZERS! You have a lot of scary things around your house!

  6. Yeesh! You guys deal with a lot of scary critters. :) We have some of those in SC where we are too, but we're in the a bit less scary. I think that is why I am looking forward to moving to Scotland-less scary creatures.
    Congratulations. :)

  7. Very very brave! Congrats on you latest award! : )
    (You need to stop by and grab your Genuine Blogger Award Badge!)

  8. Furry interesting facts, Hawk! You must always be on high alert!!

    Congrats on your award!!

  9. Wow. No wonder you know "leave it" so well! Your humans are right on it keeping you safe from all those scary critters. I'm glad I only have chickens and squirrels.....

  10. Holy creatures Hawk! You practically live in a zoo. A really slimy creepy zoo!

  11. I love learning all these wonderful new things about you, but now you have me a tad worried that some biting critter will chomp you! Please take care with all those wild critters about ;)

  12. Thanks Hawk, for what I consider to be quite a nice award. I like to keep things "shaken up" a bit and your notice of that says I must be doin' a pretty good job of it. I'd love to check out all these other blogs mentioned and I will try but there never seems to be enough time to do all that I want to - I'm sure you understand.

    With all those critters to investigate and chase, I'd for sure have lost my Big Brown snooter OR WORSE by now.

    Thanks again, Hawk!
    Woofs and humbled slobbers,
    Chester ;0=)

  13. That's an awful lot to have to keep track of when you're out and about, Hawk. You must have great senses to be sure not to get nipped. All we really worry about is whether the ground is too hot to walk on!