Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Morning News



Hello there.  My name is Jade.  I was on death row with my 5 helpless puppies when these nice people rescued me.  They took me to the vet who thinks I’m about 2 years old in human years.  They found I had heartworms, so I had to undergo treatment for that before I could come live here while I wait and hope for a forever home.

I was so weak and I was trying to nurse my pups.  I got lots of tender loving care, good food, grooming and love.

My pups are weaned now and off to make their own way in the world.  I’m learning how to be a “family dog”. 

I love playing with my foster brothers and sisters, both the four and two legged kind.  Cats are OK, but I’d just as soon not have a cat around.  I’ll be sweet and gentle with little children and other dogs. 

I’m learning more and more about being a loved family member.  I hope soon to have my very own family instead of being a foster.


Jade's Contact Info

Cabarrus Pets Society, Concord, NC



  1. Jade-
    You have had a ruff life for sure.
    So glad you found the right peeps to get you to a better life. You are a cutie, you will be in your furever home soon!


  2. Jade, you are in a good place now, and I'm sure you will be moving onto your new home soon.

  3. So heartwarming...sure hope this post helps to find a forever home! Cheers! Sophie