Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home Alone


Hi Y’all,

Yesterday I promised to tell you about my long day home alone. 

After the Humans departed for the cities I settled down to wait for my sunbeam to arrive. 

However, before its arrival I was surprised by the little fellow who shares my back yard with me.  The Humans put the seeds from their fruit and melons out on the wall for him.  Shortly before the sun comes over the ridge, he comes and takes the seeds.


Y’all might know him as a chipmunk, but here we call him a ground squirrel. 

He is very fastidious and leaves no seed behind. 

Y’all come back now!







  1. How neat you were entertained by a chipmunk while you were home alone.

  2. OMD, how do you resist the urge to just. Bark and growl and want to CHASE THAT DESIGNER RAT right out of your yard? *shudders* if that happened to me, the Mama would probably come home to a broken window!

  3. Oh, boy, Kolchak sure has that right. Those darn fuzzy-tailed rats that we have tease us to DEATH. So we have to go out and chase them. You have so much restraint, Hawk.

  4. Those chipmunks are funny creatures!


  5. I would've gone nuts if that chipmunk were outside my window!

  6. Mom calls them chipmunks and dad, ground squirrels. We've never seen one, and that's a good thing for them. (Mom thinks they're about the cutest little rodents ever - and that you're pretty cute, too.)

    Jon Farleigh and Dewi

  7. You look a tad sad in your photo..hope the chipmunk made you smile. He is cute but nowhere near as cute as a chessie! : )

  8. Okay, now I'm no fan or squirrels or their relatives but I've got to say that little fella is kinda cute and I like that he eats every bit left for him - nice manners!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years