Thursday, August 18, 2011




GA612.20446817-2-x[1]My name is Zeb.  Sorry, I don’t feel like gettin' up right now.  They say I’ll feel better after my heartworm treatment is over. 

They also tell me if I lose some weight my joints won’t ache so badly.  The problem is it hurts to move, so how can I lose weight? 

I can’t see where I am, but I can smell.  Somehow I got picked up by these people who took me to a kennel with lots of other dogs.  They located the man who had always fed me and he told them to put me to sleep, he didn’t want me anymore.  I know I’m no fun anymore. 

The people at the kennel contacted these Angels who came and took me to this nice house with these nice people.  It would be nice to have a forever home, but for now I’m safe.

An adoptable dog in Alpharetta, GA 

Contact Info

Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, Inc..
Alpharetta, GA
(404) 735-5105




  1. I'll share Zeb's profile with my Facebook friends. Now that his kind rescuer are getting his health back on track, he deserves so much better than his last "family" gave him!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  2. Poor Zeb. What a shame his ex-human is so heartless. We'll help spread the word on Zeb too.