Thursday, November 22, 2012

Hawk Sends Happy Thanksgiving to All the U.S.A. Readers!


Hello One and All!

My name is Kujo and I have lots to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

I’d spent my life in an outdoor kennel and had a bad case of rainrot on my back.  No, I never lived in a house before.  Sigh…

So when my family moved away and gave me up to these nice people,, I was in for a lifestyle change!  Let me tell you!  Happy days are here! 

At first I was scared to death!  I felt threatened and, being a big fellow, over 100 lbs, I tried to protect myself.  Little did I know how lucky I was my family hadn’t just dropped me at the local shelter, or I wouldn’t be here telling you my story.  But these nice people saw that I really was just frightened and not really a mean boy, so they were patient and kind.  They treated my sore, scared back and I had treatment from a vet…including a little surgery that helped me with my frustrations.  They say this operation is called “the snip snip”. 

They spent a month taking me out and working with me…something they called “socialization”.  I also learned “house manners”, they called it “housebreaking”. 


I’ve developed muscles and gained more weight…weighing in at around 150 pounds. 


I love other dogs and cats…but because I’m so big a home with small children is not recommended.  I wouldn’t want to accidently bump them and knock them over. 

The rescue says come get to know me and you’ll love me! 

What a wonderful, thankful Thanksgiving! 

Now, since Christmas season starts right after Thanksgiving, I have one wish…a wonderful forever home where I can be allowed indoors with my family, but get plenty of outdoor exercise and get to go and do “stuff” with my family!

Here is my contact information:

Pet Pals Inc. of Goshen County, Hawk Springs, WY

Telephone: 307-532-3861


Oh, if you don’t hear right back…it’s because they are out busy working with me or guys like me so we can be “all that we can be” and make YOU a wonderful companion!

Love and happy Thanksgiving everyone!  Kujo




  1. Happy Thanksgiving Hawk and Cujo!! You are definitely going to find the bestest home ever!! What a sad story, but your forever home will make it the greatest new beginning! :-D And you don't look like a Cujo...more like a sweet puppy!

  2. Happy Thanksgiving Hawk. I think my MOM is ready to drive to Wyomming right now. She just loves Kujo. If not us I know someone will be VERY blessed with him.

  3. Oh Hawk, my heart breaks for Cujo...wish we could jump in the car and go get him!! SO happy that he is in a happy place now where he will be taken care of and live the life he deserves!! Happy Thanksgiving to you both...and to your families!!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  4. We wish you all a marvelous terrific Thanksgiving and we hope your day is a joyous one Hawk.
    Our very best wishes on your special day. Molly

  5. of my Christmas wishes is a wonderful forever home for you.

    Wishing you a very Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving!

    Amber and the Pack
    and Mom too!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving Hawk, i hope Cujo finds his forever home in time for Christmas tha would be the best Christmas present ever.


  7. I agree with Sheba - Cujo finding a home would be the best present ever.

    Happy thanksgiving to all of you.

    ~Lyvonne (

  8. Happy Thanksgiving! I hope that by next year, Kujo is celebrating it in his forever home!

  9. Happy Thanksgiving! We hope Kujo finds his forever home very soon!

    best wishes
    Clive & Murray

  10. Oh Kujo is such a sweetheart!! I just love that face! I sure hope he finds a loving forever home. I hope your enjoying a wonderful Thanksgiving Hawk!

  11. Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!!

    Brandon's Raiser