Friday, February 1, 2013

Follow Up Friday!


Hi Y’all!




It’s that time again!  Time to join Heart Like a Dog for Follow Up Friday! 

Last week Goose asked what I did when I saw a gator…

This close up of the gator’s head was taken just behind our boat lift. 




My Human makes sure that I stay out of the water and just watch!

Cindy Lu’s Muse asked, about Black and White Sunday, if I sniffed out anything good? 


Actually a couple of my neighbors, two Labradors, have been on MY beach!  Wish they’d stayed to play!

Cupcake and Melf wanted to know “how was the stick?” 


This stick?

Sugar asked if I was hiding…


Actually, it was more like I was in full flight and my Human was hiding behind the tree!  BOL!!!!

Sage asked, after the Wordless Wednesday post, if I liked to swim too?


Hope these pictures supply the answer!

My favorite thing! Swim and retrieve!


Bringing back the bumper.






Vanilla Bean suggested that I “forgot the mischief” on “Where’s the Mischief?”



Snoopy said “Huh? You didn’t find any mischief? You need to look harder!” 

Sage says “What? No mischief?”


Okay!  I’m OFF!  to search for mischief!

Y’all come back now!!











  1. Great photos today Hawk...and that's a couple of nice size gators you've got there...I know you're smart enough to stay away from them

  2. Ooooh that Gator scares the crap out of me, I'd be so worried that I couldn't keep the dogs away from it and it would give chase. How does your human keep you away?

    Thanks for joining us for FUF, it's great to have you! Have a great weekend.

  3. Love the pictures of you fetching in the water...but oh oh the gator looks scary (and big).