Friday, February 15, 2013

Following Up


Hi Y’all!


Another week gone.  Time to join up with Heart Like a Dog for Follow Up Friday.  If you want to join just hop on over and visit Heart Like a Dog.  I’ll get my link up as soon as I can. 

I use this time to try to answer your questions on my weeks posts. 

Heart Like a Dog says they like “to use it as an opportunity to update or revise a post from the previous week.
…you need an update (to a post) but it doesn’t warrant a whole blog. Or sometimes someone made a comment that really resonated with you. Yup, Follow-Up Friday baby!”

Now, for you questions! 


Gizmo asks “baby Wood Duck”?  Goose says “is that a Wood Duck?” 


These ducks are very skittish, so getting this close before it flew surprised me and my Human.  They are ducks, so compared to geese, they are small…

The tear drop marking around the eye is a field mark of the female. 

Below, courtesy of Bird Web, is an amazing picture of the male Wood Duck.


These birds winter in the six states of the deep South and the Pacific coast.  If you would like more info on these beautiful birds visit the Bird Web.

Most of y’all recognized these white birds as Pelicans.  We are more accustomed to seeing Brown Pelicans here on the coast. 


Kristen of Peaceful Dog asked about Herons.  Below are pictures of both the Egret and the Heron (Great Blue).  In the first picture, the white birds are Egrets and the couple of grayish looking ones are Herons.










Problems, problems…remember Monday and the stick?


Saved by the Dogs wanted to know if I was helping to build a log cabin…



BOL!!! but it is an idea…can’t wait to suggest it to the Human! 

Dawn asked “what is it about sticks that dog’s love?”  I love helping my Humans! 


It isn’t important what I’m doing or what I’m carrying…it’s the helping I love! 

I’m Late … Jen and Elka were wondering about the title…since I’m neither white, nor a rabbit (Alice in Wonderland).

Sugar asks “late for what"?”


Since I wasn’t a Human baby, but a puppy, I’m not familiar with “Alice in Wonderland”…so I’m late, I’m late referred to my failure to get my blog posted at the usual time…12:01 am Eastern Time.  I’m so sorry I confused y’all!

All Things Collie  says “are you swimming”?


Yes, I’m swimming.  This is the safest time of year…the alligators and snakes are not very active. 




 Y’all come back now!







  1. Thanks for the great follow up. MOM and I have seen a few, like 3, wood ducks in out=r outings. They are beautiful.

  2. Alligators? Yikes! We have rattlesnakes here in AZ - but I'm not sure I'd feel comfortable with 'gators!


  3. Thanks for joining us on FUF Hawk! You always have some great pictures of wildlife in your area, I'm glad you can swim without worry of alligators and snakes. But wouldn't you prefer to swim when it's warmer?

    Have a great weekend!!

  4. Great follow up! Still love the picture of the wood duck. Freighter thinks he needs to come down there to visit them. :)