Friday, February 8, 2013

It’s Friday! It’s Follow Up Time!



Hi Y’all!


It’s Friday!  So that means it’s time to “follow up” on your questions!

To make it even more interesting, hop on over to Heart Like a Dog and join the blog hop “Follow Up Friday”!


Now, let me get straight to your questions!

On Wednesday’s pictures of the sights I see on my walks, Bella’s Mom asks about the first picture…is it a woodpecker?  Sugar was curious also about the kind of bird it is.


Yes, this is the female Red-Bellied Woodpecker.  We also have Downy, Redheaded and Pileated Woodpeckers as well as Flickers where we live.

About Tuesday’s “Serious Stuff” Flea at Jones Natural Chews asks: “Seriously? A bad tooth can cause all that stuff?  Is it an immune thing?”


Bad teeth can cause serious illness and immune problems in humans also.  The difference is that you humans have dedicated dentists…the regular vets check our teeth…so my Human found a real dentist to check my teeth and he found the culprit that was making me sick.


The problem you humans have is that your dentists aren’t doctors first…so when the ENT doctors find a tooth problem, sometimes the dentist doesn’t see it.  My dentist was a vet first, then specialized in dog dentistry…VBG


Sugar wanted to know if I had a new yellow toy and if it felt different when I hold it…


The toy is one I’ve had for years…an AeroDog…and it is more fun now!

Sugar wanted to know how my Human got the picture of the moon…



My Human used a telephoto lens and she should have used a tripod, but, since she didn’t have one with her she rested it on something else steady…but the tripod would be best because you don’t have to steady the camera with your hands.  Also, you need a slow, slow setting. 

Goose wanted to know if the mischief was my Humans for making me “sit and stay” so long, or if that was just part of my regiment. 


It’s actually part of my regimen.  The mischief was ignoring my Humans, but now that you mention it…you may have changed my view…maybe all this obedience practice is really my Human’s mischief!

Dogs N Pawz  thought maybe I was looking for a fishy and Roxy the Traveling Dog asked what I was lookin’ at? 


Actually, I was just wading around…and maybe admiring myself in the reflection…

Sage commented…”a little dock diving”? 




It would be dock diving if the water were up where it should be…since the river is low this time of year I don’t know what you call it.



Y’all come back now!






  1. Woof! Woof! Happy Follow Up Friday. Mmmm on the moon answer. My mom will never get a good shot of the moon ... Enjoy your Friday with your Aero toy. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  2. Oh, I don't know, it might still be dock....leaping? The dock is still the jumping off point!

  3. Great follow up Friday. Have a wonderfully beautiful weekend Hawk.

  4. GREAT FUF post Hawk! You covered everything. Your human has really amazing photos. When I saw it originally I knew it was a Woodpecker, I just didn't know it was a red-bellied. Actually I didn't know there were such things. :-) See you learn something new every day! Have a great weekend and thanks for participating!

  5. Thanks for joining us at Follow Up Friday! I like the answer to "dock diving"...hmmm, maybe you could call it "taking the big step"...the moon photos are great

  6. What a wrap up! I love your blog because you always have great photos! The moon is a hard one to catch and without a tripod?!? Good dog, you all have some patience. Have a great weekend!
    *high paws*

  7. Good information on the doggie dentist. I'll keep it in mind if my boys ever have any issues.

  8. the photos of the moon are my absolute FAVES! Gorgeous! Have a great weekend!

  9. What fun! Great questions and great answers. who needs to look for fishies when you can just look at your reflection?

  10. Great follow-up! Have a nice weekend. :)