Friday, March 1, 2013

Follow Up Friday! March 1st 2013!


Hi Y’all!


Time once more to join Heart Like a Dog for Follow Up Friday!

Now to get right to your questions!


Goose asked if I had to hide behind a tree to catch the geese making “goo goo eyes”.   Remember “Love is in the Air”?


No, Goose…no hiding behind trees…they could have cared less about a browndog on the beach.


The Modest Internet Star, Penny’s human asked, if these geese are Canadian Geese.  Oh yes, these are definitely Canadian Geese.  They love visiting the States.  Some of them even stay here.  My Human tells me that, since they are Geese they don’t need green cards. 

By the way, these Geese do “honk” and quite LOUDLY!


Goose asked what would make me break my concentration?  And Sugar wants to know why I am concentrating.



I can answer both quickly…I’ll break my concentration as soon as I’m released to retrieve the bumper that fell out of camera range. 


Flea at Jones Natural Chews wanted to know if this is a Sand Hill Crane.




Actually, he is a Great Blue Heron.


Kari in Alaska asked if I was enjoying warmer weather.




Oh, yes…here at the shore if it gets cold, it is only at night.  The Humans think it is cold, but it is nice for me…plus the sun is WARM!  Remember, we are in the southeast.  Now, the mountains are DIFFERENT!


On “What’s Happening”, Sugar asks, “Why? What did your Humans do?”


I’d asked do your Humans ever befuddle you?

I’m sorry, Sugar, but you’ll have to wait until next week to find out.

And, yes, Goose, I have read your posts.

And, Flea, there isn’t anything befuddling about swimming…it’s the Humans! 



Y’all come back now!






  1. Oh Hawk you never fail to disappoint. But I am very curious to know what the befuddle is all about.

  2. Thanks for sharing Hawk! We can tell how much you love swimming! We sure wish it would warm up!

  3. Those bumpers have a way of holding our attention don't they Hawk!

    the brown dawgs

  4. Thanks for joining us in FUF Hawk...Enjoyed seeing the questions you got and reading the answers...Do you get sandhills where you are? They're one of my favorite birds and I love watching their families out together

  5. Hey Hawk, thanks for joining us for FUF, great follow-up and WHOO HOO you got the hop to work on your blog. Way to go!!

    Have a great weekend.

  6. Woof! Woof! Oh my What a suspense ... Mmmmmm now you made my mom think??? Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  7. Hi Hawk! I've been gone all week and I am sorry I missed all your great posts. That is a pawesome photo of the Great Blue Heron. we have one that visits our little lake by our house but we never get such a close shot!
    Have a great weekend, buddy!
    *high paws*

  8. Looks like you're having great fun, Hawk! That's a great blue heron alright. I don't know why I always confuse them with the Sand Hills. Both tall and beautiful.

    We have scads of Canadian geese here. They nest here over winter and block traffic all spring, crossing roads with their goslings. Cutest sight ever. :)

  9. Hawk, those are amazing shots! Love them all!