Thursday, March 28, 2013

Inmate Number…


Hi Y’all,

No pictures of me today…I want to feature several inmates who need your help!

First, is Inmate number 3202…

3202: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Portsmouth, OH

This big fellow is a pound favorite, injured paw and all! 

He’d love to have a real forever family.

3202: Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Dog; Portsmouth, OH

If you can rescue this handsome sweetie…please call immediately.  This dog pound is the only one in a rural county and they must euthanize dogs who have been there in order to accept new ones.

Scioto Count Dog Pound
95 Arrowhead North Road
Portsmouth, OH 45662
Phone: 740-353-8802



Second, is Addy – 189

Who can resist?  Can you?

This beautiful mellow girl seems to love everyone.  Her owner was no longer able to care for her…about 5 years old she’s desperate for someone to love.

She is residing at

Delaware SPCA - Sussex Chapter, located in Georgetown, DE  Telephone:  302-856-6361



Finally, let me introduce a fellow who needs a special owner!  Inmate number: 13-0482 / 6-1-0101…they call him Jasper.

Jasper is a very sweet fellow except he’s an escape artist…a fence can’t stop him, even and underground fence…He’s just too curious about life.  

His forever home needs to be one where he lives indoors and is never outside unless on a leash.  In return he promises to give you love and affection. 

Can you give Jasper the attention and time he needs? 

His contact information is:

Franklin County Animal Control, located in Louisburg, NC. The telephone:  919-496-3032 or



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  1. They all look like such great dogs! Hope they find new families ASAP. :)

  2. Oh my goodness!! There are so many very sweet dogs in need of furever families! Sure hope some families rescue these pups!!

  3. Our paws are crossed for them Hawk. We wish them luck. Have a terrific Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Such beautiful dogs! I hope they find loving forever homes.

  5. A handsome bunch! Best wishes for them!

  6. These are all beauties and in my heart I'd love to bring all of them home...My wish is that they all find furever homes really soon

  7. Every one deserving of that loving forever home. Wish we could take each one. Oh the fun we would have.

  8. The cat hopes one is found for each one, as being there sure can't be fun. He likes big dogs too, even bites their tails a time or two haha

  9. May they all find the loving homes they deserve!

  10. Such pretty brown dogs! My heart aches for all the dogs who don't have homes. :(
    Hey, did blogger recently change its commenting format? A lot of the blogger blogs I follow no longer allow the URL comments. Weird.

  11. So many sweeties in need of a home. Sharing and hoping it helps.

  12. If I could handle another dog, #3202 has captured my attention. What happened to his paw?