Sunday, December 15, 2013

Sunday is a Day to be Thankful


Hi Y’all!



Every moment we get to sniff and race about in God’s world that He put here just for us creatures…well, yes, I guess the humans too…is a moment to be Thankful and a moment to appreciate the beauty of this world.




It may be a stark and cold season, this time of year humans call winter, but if you stop to use your eyes…

If the tree could talk, what could it tell us about its lifetime?



It doesn’t matter whether you’re creature or human, just stop a moment and look around, see, sniff around, smell, listen, hear…isn’t the world wonderful and, however temporary, we are given this moment in time to appreciate it! 


Y’all come back now!


































  1. Wise words Hawk particularly for us having just lost Ancient Pip. Have a serene Sunday and partake of some big easy today.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. I love that first racing photo, awesome! So many folks don't take time to enjoy their surroundings, we do our best to see the beauty in every season and we love to get out and enjoy each season as well. Have a pawsome Sunday. Emma

  3. Golden LOVE it. Beautiful words to start Sunday morning. Have a wonderful Black n White Sunday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  4. Great photos and words of wisdom! I enjoyed playing in the snow and I really appreciate that! Love Dolly

  5. He looks so happy when running. Dog's really do need to get out and moving. It is in their "DNA".


  6. Beautifully said Hawk. I often wonder what the trees would tell us. They have seen so much more than us. I loved your post today. Sniff and be merry this Sunday. :)

  7. Thanks for sharing this beautiful message. Lee and Phod

  8. I love how u look at the world. I think winter is a beautiful as
    Reason, the snow sparkles and covers the trees, I think it's stunning,
    ((Hugs)) from your husky pals "love is being owned by a husky"

  9. Beautiful post, Hawk. Happy Sunday to you!!
    Jan, Wag 'n Woof Pets

  10. Love the smile on your face, Hawk! Happy Sunday.

  11. I love how you look at the world! If you take your time, there are many things to discover! Thanks for sharing, beautiful pics!

    We're #41 in the hop, come on by!

  12. Hawk! Yous is furry wise! Thanks yous!

  13. You are the best and the wisest. Have a great Sunday.

  14. Very good thoughts!! And i love your happy face.