Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tuesday’s Tales


Hi Y’all!


It’s me Hawk.  I just want to take a minute to say that while I usually try to feature an older dog…and Makai fills that requirement in that he and I are the same age…7 years…

This fellow seems like the perfect fit for a family wanting an exceptional companion!  Chessies are working dogs and still very active at our age…so do NOT think Makai will be a sleepy old couch potato! 

Now to let him plead his case! 

Thank you Hawk!Makai

My name is Makai!  I am a brown dog like Hawk, a Chessie, or if you prefer formal, a Chesapeake Bay Retriever. 

My person purchased me from my mother’s person and I’ve lived with my person in the same home ever since.  I’ve been taught house manners and outside manners. 

Being a retriever, I love to play with tennis balls!  My favorite command is “fetch”!  I also know “drop it”…not a favorite unless you’re going to throw it for me, but I’ll drop it when told. 

I’m flexible.  I like other dogs, I’ve lived with cats and they’re okay.  Although, if you run kitty, I think you want to play and I’m after you!  Or, if you prefer, I don’t mind living on my own with just you.

I know how to behave in your house and I can stay in a crate, but here they don’t need me to stay in one. I’m a well mannered gentleman.  However, as Hawk pointed out, I have loads of energy and drive! 

MakaiOh, you are wondering how come I lost my happy home?  My person explained to me that her circumstances had changed and she was no longer able to care for me, even though she wanted to keep me.

You can meet me at Random Rescue in Williamstown, VT.

(802) 433-5912 | Post Office Box 815 Williamstown, VT | USA randomrescue@gmail.com

We are located in Williamstown, VT. Exit 6 off Interstate 89.

I am house trained, neutered and my shots are current.

Here at Random Rescue we are assigned a color.  It has nothing to do with our hair color.  My color is yellow and it means:

“Yellow Dogs are family dogs. They can be owned by first time dog owners and families with children. These dogs have minimal behavioral issues and are sweet gentle companions.” quoted from Random Rescue.org

All Random Rescue available dogs are listed on Petfinder.com.

(All information and photos are courtesy of Petfinder.com and Random Rescue in Williamstown, VT.)






































  1. Such a lovely looking dog. We wish a forever home soon. Have a terrific Tuesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Makai is gorgeous. The focus! It breaks my heart that his person could not keep him. Sharing.

  3. Cutey...wish we lived closer. Love that he'll fit in easy with a family. Good LUck

  4. He is handsome. Yes don't let the age fool you, nellie is 9 and she has so much energy and is a hunting fool. Hope he finds a home soon.

  5. Oh you are soooo beautiful! I wish you all the best of luck! And hope that santa paws is looking out for you and finds you a great home!
    ((hugz)) from your husky pals "love is being owned by a husky"

  6. He is gorgeous! I wish his person could have kept him. So very sad. Sharing.

  7. Very handsome. Hope he finds a good home.