Friday, February 25, 2011

Fast Fleeing February Friday

Hi Y’all,

Time to answer questions again! 

First I want to say “thank you” to everyone for congratulating me on the Awards. 

Everyone I follow deserves Awards, many of y’all have numerous ones already…It’s really difficult trying to select someone to whom to pass an Award.  In this picture you can see the sorrow in my face as I attempt to pick blogs, since all are so deserving.

Let me move on now to questions and comments. Daley’s Dog Years (here) hoped that I got some yummy treats to celebrate my Awards.  Yes I did!  Fresh baked too! 

Remi over at Dog Foster Mom (here) likes to throw himself in front of the vacuum too!  KB with the Duo over at Romping and Rolling in the Rockies (here)thought it was a weird habit.

For me, it’s all about ME!  I hate when my Human is playing with the vacuum unless she’s vacuuming all the loose itchy undercoat off of me.  I get a rubber curry comb massage and the loose hair all vacuumed off.  It feels so neat! 

Kol of Kolchak Puggle (here) said he hoped I had a rousing game of fetch after workin’ so hard to get my Chuck It.  Yes I did! 

My Humans put whatever toy they take outside for us to play with in a tree while we go for our walk. When Momma is home, she tells Papa if he puts it too high for me.  When she goes to Bible Study, Papa takes me out to get the mail and play.  Only he sometimes doesn’t realize how high he has put my toy. 

If I see where the Human puts the toy before our walk, I run and get it when we get back.  The picture on the right was me fetchin’ a toy from a cypress tree.  It was taken last year.

Out and about this week I noticed the tulip magnolias and cherry trees are in full bloom.  I don’t have any here and didn’t have time to stop and get a picture.  I checked in with BZTraining (here) and what did I see but beautiful plum trees in bloom!  Do stop and visit!

I received an email asking about the funny roots that show up like a bunch of twigs in many of the beach pictures.  These are the roots of cypress trees.  Most people think they are always in a swamp.  We do have a wetland, which isn’t wet right now.

Here I am after heavy rains earlier this month which brought a rise in the water level.  Most of the pile of roots are now submerged.  Only the “knees” are normally above the water, so the water is still very low.  

Tune in tomorrow for some other signs of spring. 

For those of you still buried in snow, know that you have a reprieve for a little longer from fightin’ the weeds in the flowers.




  1. You are so great for answering all the questions!


  2. Wow, it sure looks lovely there, Hawk. The Doodlebug wouldn't know where to start with all that beauty around him.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  3. Thanks for the answers. I can't imagine either of my dogs wanting to be close to a vacuum (much less be vacuumed themselves) so that's why I thought that it was weird. K was so afraid of the vacuum when she was younger that we had to leave it out in the living room for months. We'd randomly put treats on it for her to "find". Eventually, she relaxed about it.

    It looks so gorgeous there! I love that last photo, and I can't wait to see your blooming photos. We are just starting our biggest snow time so I'll be enjoying your blog.

    But - news flash - I did see some geese flying NORTH today!!!!!!!

  4. What a wonderful post - I just love all those pictures!!
    You look very nice, and good job at answering all those questions!

    Al - Rudy's Brother