Sunday, August 14, 2011

Would You Pat the Dog?


Hi Y’all! 

When you look into my eyes do you know what I’m thinking?  Do you know how I’m feeling? 

Exactly what do you know about me?  Of course you know the obvious.  My eyes are amber, my coat light brown and wavy and I’m pretty big as retrievers go. 

However, am I a friendly?  Am I happy?  Am I feeling okay, or is something hurting me? 

I’m a big boy.  Can or will I pull my owner off her feet?  I have before, you know.  

Do I like children?  If that little child with you, who is about the right height to put its face in mine, should walk up into “my space” what will I do? 

Here’s the really important question…does my Human even know the answers to all of these questions? 

What would you do if you walked up to me? 



  1. Well, since you are so handsome my first instinct would be to run up to you and wrap my arms around you and hug you......BUT

    What I would do, I mean if I was a human, IS:

    I would show you the respect for your space that you are due.

    I would ask the person walking with you if I could pet you.

    IF they said yes, I would put my hand out, palm up and at a level that is below your nose.

    Then I would stand still and wait until you approached me and my hand.

    Then, If I was a human, I would let you smell my hand and if you seemed agreeable, I would let my hand slide under your mouth to pet you under your chin.

    Thats what I would do, if I was a human......

  2. If I saw you I would want to kiss your sweet little nose, but
    I would probably not start there. If your human said it was ok, I would like to offer you my hand to sniff, and if you were ok with it, maybe rub your ears.

  3. It would party depend on your attitude, if you had a waggy tail and were behaving well I'd ask your owner if it was OK to pet you. If you were pulling your owner along I'd probably leave you alone, lovely though you look.

    I have 2 cavaliers, they have thought for a long time that everyone is their friends because so many people stop to stroke and hug them. It makes it very hard to train them not to run up to people or to jump up. And not very nice for the people who are scared of dogs to get two overly friendly spaniels heading their way. Took quite a bit of time to get used to asking people not to fuss them because they were learning to be good.

  4. Great post, Hawk - and that Bert is just so smart!!

  5. Terrific post. It never ceases to amaze us how many people come running up to The Herd to pet them without asking first.

  6. I would give you all the space to come to me first. Honestly, I would probably forget to ask for permission, because I tend to forget that part and let you tell me if you wanted to be petted.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  7. Very well put. With Skye, I usually have the opposite problem, poor pit bull. But Parker doesn't like forced interactions with strangers who see a fluffy white dog.
    If I met a dog as handsome as you, Hawk, I'd ask your owner if you would like me to pet you. With permission, I'd crouch down and look away, and wait for you to come over on your own terms. Go ahead, give me a good sniff, I smell like lots of good doggie stuff. If you stick around, I'll scratch your chest. If your human says it's okay, I'd even give you a grain free treat that I almost always have with me. When it comes to meeting a new dog, slow and steady wins the race.

  8. Our mom would let you sniff the back of her hand before asking permission to give an ear scratch. As for us, we'd have to sit down and wait before commencing the butt sniffs.

    Dewi had a good Chessie friend named Curly in his last obedience class. He might think you are her and rush you like a long lost friend (without proper restraint, that is). ;(

  9. Great post! Definitely got my wheels turning...Thanks for sharing!

  10. I'd ask my human to hide the tennis balls. :)

  11. Excellent post : ) Great questions all should know the answers too.

  12. I always joke that if saw any of my pals from the dog park in (dog) person I'd run across the street squealing and wrap my arms around them. But actually, that's not what I'd do at all. There are certain body language signs that you can read from a dog but upon first meeting a dog is an absolute stranger and should be treated as such until he shows you otherwise.

    If I felt like it was okay with you and your humans, Hawk, I'd either pat you on your side or scratch your chest - without standing over you!

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years

  13. Having been the victim of an unfortunate dog experience once, I would not pet you until after we knew each other for a bit and I felt we were both feeling safe about the prospect.