Monday, March 12, 2012

I’m Sorry Jet!



Hi Y’all,

I’m sorry Jet, I let y’all down.

Unfortunately Jet sent me this email and “Live” put it in my Junk folder after I’d already checked it last week.  Thus I didn’t notice it until this Saturday night.  It’s my bad.  I still posted it on Saved by Dogs and want to share it here…

We have a BIG favor…

We want to support other bloggers on today’s hop and send a comment, however, our comment will not go through on wordpress or open id…

Can we impose and ask you to post on our behalf?

Hey, it's Jet here.  Thank you so much for sharing information on my continental relatives.  Mom enjoys learning about various breeds and their aptitudes.  The coats make them look quite different.

Yes, the poor GSD suffers those hip/joint issues... maybe the Dutch shepherds can educate the breeding community.

Have a great day... glad we hopped on by. 

Here’s the comment page link.

Many thanks… this happens often to Mom and I with blogspot blogs.  :(

Again, my apology Jet.

Y’all come back now.




  1. We've had that happen too. Better late than never right! :)

  2. Hey Hawk, Jet here. My FRIEND... Mom and I appreciate all of your help. We keep having that blogspot problem. Many times the comments will not post and we feel sad that those bloggers do not know that "Jet was there" to support them!

    Hawk, you are a man of your word, timing does not matter, your kind intentions do.

    We are honored to see our comment today on your post. Consider us friends, paw to paw!

  3. Hi Y'all,

    Thanks Jet, appreciate the support very much.


  4. Good job Hawk! I am with Basset Momma....better late than never!!


  5. Wow - Hawk how sweet! Thanks so much for all the effort you went to sharing this! I hope that your human will share a baby picture of you - next week I'd like to do a post of as many pic's of people's pups as I can - I welcome everyone to share a pup or "gotcha day" pic :-)

    Thanks again for all the assist!
    Handsome and a faithful friend.

  6. Awww,,,,that was nice! Thanks for sharing this!

  7. Nice share! You are pawsome Hawk! :)