Thursday, March 1, 2012




They call me Koby!       

I’m 8 years in human years.  I was born October the 17th, 2003.  I’m part Golden Retriever and part something else, maybe Chessie? 

Once upon a time I had a happy laid back home in Kentucky.  One day my humans had to move and the place, called a condo, wouldn’t allow me to go with them.  So here I am, homeless. 

After getting moved around in rescues I’ve ended up here in Wisconsin. 

I’d been an only dog and never learned how to play well with others.  Lucky for me I met a really nice behaviorist who spent time with me.  Then I got to go to lots of obedience classes with lots of other dogs. 

I really don’t want to live with a dog who wants to be the boss.  I can still get growly.  I’d really love the opportunity to go to classes and train with other dogs and learn more about what you humans really expect of me. 

I don’t mind older kids.  Finally, if you’re a couch potato, I’d love to join you.  Oh, I’d love to go for walks with you…keep you and me healthy…but I’m not one who wants to join you in your morning jog.

They’ve decided that it is time for me to find a new family of my own.  Do you live in southeastern Wisconsin, the Madison area, or the Fox Cities/Green Bay areas?   Are you that family?

To reach me, Koby,  personally contact Wisconsin Adopt A Golden Retriever Inc., Brookfield, WI • 414-517-7725 •  My Pet ID: 1158

 PLEASE NOTE: Our adoption area includes southeastern Wisconsin, the Madison area, and the Fox Cities/Green Bay areas of Wisconsin, as these are the areas we have volunteers to do home visits. Thank you for your understanding.



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