Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Times Q & A


Hi Y’all!

Flea and Val and Molly all wanted to know where I was going.  Goose just asked if I was off again and reminded me about “frequent rider miles”

I guess by now y’all realize I’m back at the shore where I’ve been testing out my new Kong toy in the water.

Dawn wanted to know if they could borrow my new toy.

I’ll have to think about that one…this new toy is soooo versatile.

Bella and Elka each remarked about my first “tug toy” and Haopee sounded surprised that I’d never, ever had one. 

Kol was reading “Award Time” from July 1 and asks me if “I am nuts” ‘cause I enjoy my bathes.

I love the massage, the brushing, the deep scratching to my skin and getting rid of all the loose dead hair. 

Haopee also wanted to know if the toy squeaks too. 

You bet it does!  It floats, it throws and it squeaks! You can squeak it by mouth or

roll on it and it squeaks!

So many fun things! 

Remember, this is a new toy from Kong and I had to wait for mine, so y’all keep lookin’ but be patient.  I see the Squeezz, but not the Rope Squeezz on their website.

Oh, and Colby, I’ll be checking out the durability since the Human said she’s going to let me have it in the house too whenever she’s home. 

Y’all come back now!




  1. PRetty great review of this thing. I think it has caught My Vickies eye. You keep telling us how cool it is and I might just get one out of this myself.


  2. Hawk you should get a few more freebies for all the good plugs you give the toy. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. Well that looks like the perfect place to be with a new toy. Enjoy!!

  4. You look so svelte when you are all watered down! Your coat must be super duper thick!

    You are so handsome!

  5. What a fun toy! Love the color. You look like you are having a blast Hawkeye. Keep tugging.

  6. Mighty cool, Hawk...chew the you know what out of has to be able to hold up to your jaws!!!Very cool

  7. You sure do look like you're having a blast with that new Kong, Hawk! I love the picture of you rolling around and the one in the shower! You are such a sweetheart! :)

  8. hey,

    It is furry nice to meet you! Thank you for sniffing your way over to my blog and pawing me such kind words for me to heal, and for crossing your paws for me. I really appreciate it. It is very kind of you.

    Your kong toy is pawsome! I never had one like that but it sure looks fun! Love all your photos, you are a very handsome pup!