Friday, August 10, 2012

Question and Answer Time


Hi Y’all!

I’m sorry I haven’t been around as much visitin’…but as I mentioned the Humans are actin’ really crazy right now.  I’m even havin’ trouble getting time on the computer to upload my posts. 

A couple of you, Sue from Talking Dogs and BZ Training,  expressed interest in how long the rope would hold up on my new Kong toy.  So far it seems to be the same excellent well made quality we expect from Kong.  My Human said, while she usually keeps toys out of reach unless she’s supervising the play, she may let me have it in the house while she’s working at home to test it’s endurance.  I sure hope so!  I’ve been telling her that the Kong people would like me to really test it out and that is the ONLY way!

Goose asked if “maybe I was just a little bit excited about my new Kong toy?”  Yep, I was JUMPIN’ for JOY!!! 

Flea and Diane and Cosmo wanted to know what was in the box and why I wasn’t chewing it open.  The truth be known, I get in trouble for chewing up human stuff. 

Scrappy commented that my scenery and walks were pretty but he guessed that was why I lived here…”right?”  That’s a big part of it, Scrappy, but weather is another factor.  Much of the time it’s too hot at the shore in the summer for me to enjoy much exercise…but heat isn’t usually a problem in the mountains.  You can see how “hard” I exercise in that last photo!

Alison at Pawfect Days wanted to know if I’d gotten my box open yet…and Kari in Vegas wanted to know what was in the box.  Blueberry’s HumanBella at Bella’s Dog Diary and Molly the Wally also had the same question, what’s in the box?  Guess everybody knows the answer to that one by now!

Y’all come back now!






  1. I love your question and answer posts. That is a really cool Kong too. I wonder if My Vickie would let me keep that when she was around. I am like you, I never get to have toys unless I am being watched.

    What's up with that?

  2. MOM went to the store to find me one, but they did not have any. She is going to try anothoer place this weekend.

  3. I know the rope in Elka's Kong squeezz dumbbell only lasted about 10 minutes! The rope is still there, though, in the toy that's two balls.

  4. Thanks for the Q&A. You are lucky to have such a cool toy.

  5. As always lovin your Friday posts. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  6. Great Q & A! I just love that toy and am going to try and find one for Freddie! :)

  7. Have you tried your new Kong in the water yet? I bet it's a good 'retriever' toy!

  8. Thanks for answering all of our questions! Glad you have a nice cool retreat to get to so you don't overheat in the summer!

  9. We are going to ask our mom to get us one of those Kong toys! They look like lots of fun!