Friday, August 3, 2012

Q and A, Question and Answer Time!


Hi Y’all!

It’s Friday!   Time to try to answer your questions…but first let me get back to the two Tuesday’s Awards!  I said I’d have some more recipients for y’all to check out!

The Rowdy Retriever Girls!  Read about “the family down the street” and their pair of retrievers.  You’ll discover that their fun and challenges aren’t much different from everybody else’s. 

Two Greyhound Town!  A must read if you like to travel in a camper around the country.  Scout and Joey are enjoying their trip…not exactly a vacation, but a way of life for them right now.

Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe  are 2 cute dogs and 1 cat sharing a blog.  You can find out if they all get along and how they feel about each other by reading about them! 

Never Say Never Greyhounds is a great blog about the everyday lives of Riley, the agility star and Seven, the movie star, drama queen and agility star.  No family can be well organized without the unrecognized behind the scenes talent who is Reagan, family comedian.

Now, on to your questions…

Alison and Zoe at Pawfect Days wants to know what I dream about.  I dream of swimming or running or tracking or just plain retrieving. 

Scrappy at Yorkie Tails wants to know if I’m doing a double wink.  I guess you could call it that!











24 Paws of Love wants to know if I’m dreaming of SNOW!  Actually, I’m not wild about snow.  It’s very cold on my feet and I don’t like to retrieve things that fall in the snow ‘cause they freeze my mouth.  I’ve also lost some of my favorite toys in the snow and had to wait until it melted. 

Molly the Wally also wanted to know what I was thinking about.  There is sure a lot to think about Molly.  I’ve mentioned some of the things above, but I also think about going places with the Humans.

Goose would wants to know what I’m looking at

There was something moving in the wetland.  I never did see what it was.

Jen at You Did What with Your Weiner wanted to know if I was riding in a golf cart.  Yes, Jen I am in a golf cart.  It is great fun! 


Y’all come back now!




  1. Hey Hawk nice Q&A and we hope you are enjoying all things Olympic. Have a great Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Ah yes loosing toys in the snow. A common problem.

    the brown dawgs

  3. You look so relaxed with that double wink, Hawk. Catchin' some shut-eye?

  4. Always better to lose a few toys than the poo piles! ;)

  5. Hey hawk, hope your summer is going good...ours should be back to normal in a few weeks hopefully

  6. I love your double wink! What a handsome guy you are!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. We've never had enough snow to loose toys in. 'm glad. 'm not a big fan of that cold white stuff.

  8. Thank you for the awards and the plug. Good description of my blog. :-)